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Everyone has a guilty pleasure and when it comes to movies... I’ve got lots of them. Here are my top five.

5. Deep Blue Sea

Aside from Jaws, this is my favorite shark film. We’ve got three sharks who’ve been experimented on by humans looking to cure Alzheimer's, and when one of them violates the code of ethics and crosses a line that shouldn’t have been crossed, things go bad. The sharks execute their nefarious plan brilliantly and people get eaten. In fact this film has one of the best surprising death scenes starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Aside from Jackson, the film stars LL Cool J, Thomas Jane (formerly the Punisher), Stellan Skarsgård before he was Dr. Erik Selvig amongst many others. Look, the film is no where near Jaws as a far as brilliance goes, but it isn’t predictable and it keeps viewers guessing as to what will happen next.

4. Mystery Men

With superhero names like Mr. Furious, The Shoveler, The Blue Raja,The Spleen, Invisible Boy, and The Bowler, you know this movie’s gonna be silly! Despite this, it’s a film that I watch over and over again because I find it so funny and enjoyable.

These dysfunctional superheroes admire Captain Amazing the heroic champion of Champion City and when he goes missing, it’s their job to find him (and accidentally frakulate him) and defeat his nemesis Casanova Frankenstein. At least the villain has a cool name.

Lines like “Disco is not dead! Disco is LIFE!” and “When you care what is outside, what is inside cares for you.” might sound corny - okay they are corny, but hey, they still crack me up. And this film is the only time that I have ever found Dane Cook funny.

3. Anaconda (1997)

This film is one of those so bad it’s good types. Despite it’s bad reviews, Anaconda has gone on to become a cult classic. I mean it has not one but two killer snakes in it! Yes I know the snakes were crappy animatronic puppets but they still did a good job scaring me!

Jennifer Lopez was awesome and Jon Voight was a messed up villain. Ice Cube did his thing and wait... I just realized that Owen Wilson was in this picture! How did I miss that?!

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1990)

Growing up with 80s cartoons, I’ve always loved being a Turtle fan. The first movie was great, the second one...not so much and don’t even get me talking about the third one! In spite of its crappyness, it’s still a guilty pleasure of mine.

I love the bad things about it. The fact that the turtles hardly use their weapons due to parents complaining about the violence in the previous film, Vanilla Ice’s Ninja rap and the turtles’ dancing, Tokka and Razar the turtles’ dimwitted foes and Super Shredder! Who doesn’t love Super Shredder?!

1. Godzilla (1998)

You’re not gonna like what I’m about to say, so everyone remain calm! I liked this film way more than last years Godzilla. That’s right I said it-or rather... typed it. I love all of the stupid things about it, from the corny lines, Mayor Ebert and Gene, the silly Sgt. O'Neal, Philippe Roaché and the rest of the French secret service team, the baby godzillas all the way to the chase scene at the end. I find this film funny and entertaining and watch it on the regular - in fact, I still have it on VHS. If you think about it, without this film we wouldn’t have the amazing animated series!

And with that folks, my list comes to an end. What are your top five guilty pleasures? Do you agree with my list? Leave your comments below and check out my top five guilty pleasure TV shows.


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