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The world is now dangerous due to the apocalypse. But are some people who could help you make it int this new world


The scarab on Blue Beetle has one priority: keeping its host alive. Blue Beetle would be a great addition to the team because he could easily find sources of water and other things to help the host live. He could also read life forms and detect them from miles away. He could see an attack on your camp three hours before the warriors even get there.

Spongebob Sqaurepants

Before you click off this article, read this. Not only would Spongebob be the one to cheer everyone up and be very optimistic about the apocalypse, he also has a keen skill that many people over look. He can store fresh water inside of him. Now I would say that I would much rather carry an extra gun or can of food and not have to worry about water because it is stored in my friend, who's basically a human canteen. Well, sponge canteen I should say.

Spider Gwen

Well, we do have to reproduce somehow. I'm just kidding(sorta). Spider Gwen's fast reflexes and her abilities, she could hunt animals and get us food and everything that we need. Not to mention, every team needs eye candy.


Out of these three who would YOU have on your team?


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