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Michael B. Jordan will be stepping into the ring this time as Stallone watches from the sidelines. Creed could be Jordan's best film since fruit-vale station based on what has been viewed so far in the trailer. The combined talent is a enough to secure the attention of those who admired the original Rocky movies which became one the iconic staples of Stallone's career aside from the expendables movies. Creed will also be accompanied by the movie "Southpaw", the boxing drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal,despite the competition fans don't seem worried about the film performing at the box office.

here's the synopsis for the film:

The son of Apollo Creed, Adonis Johnson Creed, travels to Philadelphia, where he meets Rocky Balboa and requests that the elder boxer train him.

The synopsis seems to be short and simple but the film itself has alot more in store than what has already been mentioned. Stallone will be taking a mentor role this time around while occasionally touting the gruffly sincere attitude that made Rocky great. Jordan could bring a whole new dimension to the film as well as long as the boxing can keep up with the drama.

Controversy makes for fairly decent advertising and since Jordan has the rage of fans slung over his shoulder from the fantastic four movie. He should be able to carry that over to this movie which will keep fans trained on Jordan's performance and future film projects. Jordan seems to revel in the controversy and voice his opinions on the backlash in a respectable manner.The good news for him is that his films are simply being promoted whether people are railing against them or not.

The success of this film ultimately depends on how well Stallone and Jordan's performances mesh together on the big screen. Stallone has his tough guy routine, but is also capable of being compelling and understanding when pushed enough. Jordan is capable of being dramatic, compelling, relatable, and even morally conflicted, he can also play gung-ho or easy-going type characters. He needs to perfectly blend of all these character types in order to give the magnetic performance that will draw in movie-goers. Right now Stallone and Jordan are solid box office draws since one is a respected action veteran and the other is a rising star, both sound like ingredients for box office success.


Creed hits theaters on November 25, 2015


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