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1. 1st game Main characters

There is Foxy,Freddy,Chica,Bonnie,Golden Freddy/Yellow Bear

2. All the time you go to the 1st night you will hear the phone guy, by then you will probably have seen the doors and lights, camera and saw the animatronics.

3.soon Bonnie will come after the phone call and always check on the pirate cove/Foxy cove.

4.The Chica will come 1st or 2nd night and when there at your door you know if you check the lights.

Like this.
Like this.

Now for game 2.

1. There is Toy Bonnie,Toy Freddy Toy Chica,Mangel,Puppet,Balloon Boy, and withered,Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,Foxy,Golden Freddy.

2.on the 1st night foxy might come out so hit Ctrl and do that a couple of times and he'll leave, wind the music box and the Puppet will not come. look in the vents because most toy animatronics go through there not in the room like withered animatronics, they come in your room besides Foxy and if you see Balloon Boy in your vents not on cam though in your room vents put on your mask.

see the mask.
see the mask.

Game 3

1. there phantom Freddy,golden Freddy,Chica,Foxy,puppet,mangle and not phantom Spring trap.

It's the same thing as every thing else beside new cameras, because you can see vents all over the map and instead of a mask or doors it is a cam thing which has auto, video,vents.


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