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In my survival squad, I got three of my favorite action heroes from the big screen that I would want to last a long time in any apocalyptic future. This is the formation of the A.S.K. Squad. So who is in the group? Let's see:

Ash Williams (Evil Dead Series)

Hail to the king, Baby! Probably the greatest horror theme hero of all time, Ash Williams is the definition of being a badass. He has gone through some really crazy shit such as fighting his friends turn demons, traveling back in time, and battling those creepy Ray Harryhausen style skeletons. No matter how much the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis throws at him, Ash comes back with his chainsaw arm and great one liners. For that, you need someone could take a punch and give it back with style on your side in the apocalypse. Just remember Good. Bad. Ash is the one with the gun.

Sarah Connor (Terminator Series)

If there is one person who is ready for the apocalypse, it's definitely Sarah Connor. From being a waitress to basically being the first soldier of the Terminator War, Sarah has shown to grown depth of learning to survive. She has prepare her son, John, to survive the future against the Terminators by always staying tough. It's highly important to always be adept whatever comes and to stay strong about it in this deadly future. That why Sarah could help the team by getting us out of trouble. Whatever happens at the end of the day, you will see her driving in the distance and hoping for the best in the future.

Dr. King Schultz (Django Unchain)

This dentist turn bounty hunter is one sly silver tongued devil. Dr. King Schultz is very charismatic that he is able use his wit and charm to get out of any tough situation. He becomes a great friend and mentor to Django by showing the importance of social justice and what is morally right. Somethings work a lot better with words instead of killing in the apocalypse, which I may need someone who is great with words. At least, Dr. King Schultz got a few things under his selves if that doesn't work well.

Our motto is "Be careful what you A.S.K. for"

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