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People around the world have been talking about the new game Lego Worlds, which is seen to be released in 2016. Critics are already saying that Lego Worlds will be better than Minecraft and altogether replace Minecraft. In my opinion Minecraft will never be worse than Lego Worlds or even be replaced by Lego Worlds for these reasons:

  • The Minecraft quality is better and more realistic than the Lego Worlds quality, Which makes for a better gameplay.
  • The fanbase of Minecraft is much larger than the fanbase of Lego Worlds.
  • The Gameplay of Minecraft is a lot more simpler and more intriguing than the one of Lego Worlds (Seen from the trailer of Lego Worlds and the gameplay of Minecraft)
  • The game mechanics are easier to understand and easier control (EX: Building, Moving Characters, Combat, ect...)
  • Finally, there is more to explore in the land of Minecraft.


Which game is your Favorite?


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