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Now that it has been announced that the Han Solo Movie spin-off will be helmed by genius directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller, one of the main questions is: who will be cast as the younger version of the scruffy Nerf Herder?

Since no lead actor has been announced it is the perfect time to start fan casting the role. With that said, I am going to give my top 3 choices for who I think could play a younger Han Solo.

Taron Egerton

From gentleman spy to space outlaw.
From gentleman spy to space outlaw.

While a lot of people are expecting him to be a younger wolverine (which would also be awesome) I would love to see him take to the skies in the star wars universe. After seeing this young up and comer kick major ass in [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143), it would be amazing to see him hanging around with Chewbacca and causing all kinds of trouble throughout a galaxy far, far away. He has also proven with kingsmen that he can handle the comedic situations that the character sometimes finds himself in.

Robbie Amell

Superhero and starship pilot
Superhero and starship pilot

Another fairly fresh face whose feature film career is really just taking off and I think that he would be amazing in the role. While Robbie has mainly played big franchise characters on the small screen, currently starring in a recurring role as Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm on the CW's hit superhero series The Flash this would be a really good opportunity for him to branch out into bigger roles. He has also made a big name for himself in the comedy film The Duff as well as the war-drama film Max and, like Egerton, has proven that he can handle the comedic scenes as well as the really dramatic scenes very well (plus his cousin is playing Casey Jones so, lets give him some competition).

Miles Teller

Mr. Fantastic or Mr. Solo?
Mr. Fantastic or Mr. Solo?

Hey, why not i mean he's done pretty good for himself thus far with films like: 21 and over and, that awkward moment and he is getting ready to play Reed Richards in The Fantastic Four reboot due out in August so, why not let him have a stab at Han Solo. We know he can be funny and is able to play the slacker personality really well he can also be very dramatic as seen in whiplash so, yeah I would be down to see him in the role.

Of course no one will ever come close to the talent that is Mr. Harrison Ford but we will see how things go.


Who would you like to see as a younger Han Solo?


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