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So Red Hulk versus Aquaman and Batman versus Iron Man is done and over. It's time for round three. This one will be all about power. It's going to be the Man of Steel Superman going up against The Golden Guardian of Good The Sentry (and Void. They're the same person...kind of). The greatest good in all of comic books against maybe Marvel's craziest character. We also have DC's one man wrecking ball and destruction personified Doomsday fighting Marvel's Jade Giant and anger management candidate, The Incredible Hulk. So how does each person win?

Doomsday v.s. Hulk:

For those of you who don't know, Superman died fighting Doomsday and Doomsday didn't even die. Doomsday is beyond tough. When I said he was destruction personified it wasn't an exaggeration. Doomsday just destroys everything in his way. There is no remorse in his soul. His only purpose of existing is to destroy everything. Not just everything in his path, everything in general. If he ever destroyed everything on Earth, he'd probably go to the next planet and try to destroy that as well. When he was first introduced, he ran through the military and various heroes like it was nothing. Doomsday is a walking Michael Bay movie. Everything around him will explode.

Then there's the Hulk. The Hulk isn't the walking destruction that Doomsday is, but he can inflict just as much damage as Doomsday if not more. The one thing that Hulk has that Doomsday doesn't have is a conscience. The Hulk is aware that his strength can cause multiple people be injured and even die when he is fighting. So that tends to lessen the collateral damage. But like Doomsday, there isn't much that can stop him when he is ready for war. Example, when Hulk came back from space, he was beating the crap out of everyone who tried to stop him. The X-Men are one of the best teams in comics and they couldn't come close to quelling The Hulk's rage. Not just him, but even Dr. Strange and Black Bolt couldn't take him out. Hulk's biggest attribute is his seemingly endless supply of strength. The madder he gets, the stronger he gets.

How does Doomsday win:

Doomsday is baad
Doomsday is baad
"You don't get it, blue. I'm not some bad guy, something you can punch. I've always been here, and I'll always be here."-Doomsday

Doomsday has to not let up. Giving the hulk even a second to breathe is a bad idea. Doomsday is the type to think that punching someone and throwing them into a building is enough. Okay, usually that is more than enough, but with the Hulk all that is going to do is piss him off. So if he gets the Hulk down Doomsday has to keep him down. And when he is down, he will have to separate his head from his body. It's the only way to keep the Hulk down for good. If anybody is up for that challenge, it's Doomsday.

How does the Hulk win:

Don't mind me. Just punching meteors.
Don't mind me. Just punching meteors.
"Hah! When Hulk smashes something, It stays smashed!"-Hulk

Three words. World. War. Hulk. This is a version of character that is flat out unbeatable. As the phrase goes "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger he gets" and the Hulk had never been angrier. Doomsday is going to endanger civilians and kill a kid or someone and completely piss the Hulk off. Hulk has gotten so mad that he stomped in New York and could have knocked the eastern sea board off the United States. The Hulk would then give Doomsday a beating that he has never been given before. No matter how many times Doomsday would hit him, he will keep getting stronger. Doomsday is strong, but Hulk is the strongest there is.

Superman vs Sentry:

LOOK UP IN THE SKY! It's a bird! It's a PLANE! No, it's The Sentry's crazy behind. Robert Reynolds is a former junkie who happened to come across a serum that gave him super strength, flight, the power of a million exploding suns. No clue what that means, but it manifested as a tornado made of fire once. The serum also made him crazy. Bob has three personalities. His human form Robert Reynolds, his heroic form The Sentry, and his evil and destructive side The Void. The Void exists only to balance out all of Sentry's good deeds. Even though that side of him doesn't really cause problems, it's his mental state that is his weakness. Unlimited power and runs away more times than he fights.

Superman is everything Sentry is not. Sure of himself, beloved by everyone, has a wife that loves him (Sentry's wife is...was deathly afraid of him), and the admiration of his teammates. Time and time again Superman has proven that he is the ultimate good in the world and will never compromise his ethics to take the easy way out. While some people may call Superman corny, he is really one of the greatest heroes in comic books. If you want to see his true power, look no further than Injustice. He was nearly unstoppable and he still never used his full power. This showed me that Superman has always held back and it was something to be admired.

How does Sentry Win:

Sentry's no pushover
Sentry's no pushover
"Norman, I like you, I do. But you're trying to manipulate me while I am in a very fragile state and I find it distasteful."-The Void

While many of you are thinking that Superman can't be beat, I'd like you to take a second and Google "Sentry rips Ares in half". Go ahead. I'll wait. You back? Good. He took the Greek God of War and ripped him in half effortlessly and then went right after Thor and took some of Thor's best shots. The Sentry's power set is, well, there's no limit to his power and he apparently has the power to control molecules. So what can't he do? Superman can do all he wants to him physically, but it probably just won't be enough. Sentry might lose, but as soon as the Void steps in, he is going to rip Superman in half and go have a sandwich. A slug fest with Sentry ends in a loss for Superman.

How does Superman Win:

"Whoa, big fella! If it's an opponent you want, meet the number one challenger!"-Superman

Superman is going to outsmart Sentry. Superman is underrated when it comes to his intelligence in a fight. He is going to know that getting into a slug fest isn't going to work. So more than likely, he is going to play on Sentry's heartstrings and start talking about his wife and how he can help him get control of himself. After that, The Sentry will probably accept his help and move on. If he doesn't, he will just fly away into space scared that he is going to kill someone. Also, if the Sentry unleashes the power of a million exploding suns, does Superman soak up that power and knock Sentry into another reality? Most likely.

Thanks for reading. If you have any comments and especially ones on who you'd like to see next, leave me a comment.

Sentry sure does like ripping stuff in half.
Sentry sure does like ripping stuff in half.

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