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With the success of the Batman: Arkham video game franchise, Rocksteady has two choices that will forever define the company.

A) Keep going with their run of awesome, well made, slightly grittier versions of DC's favorite heroes.

B) Quit while they're ahead, before we get a game like Superman 64.

Oh dear God....
Oh dear God....

Never mind, that's probably exaggerating, but I think you understand the point. However, seeing the rumor about Rocksteady making a Superman video game got me thinking about what other superheroes should get an Arkhamverse video game. And I think that the character most deserving of an Arkham Knight-like game is Green Arrow.

Why it would work:

Imagine a video game with gameplay similar to the Arkham games, but instead of a grapple gun, you have grapple arrows, you get an array of both quick draw and steady specialty arrows. That's just one point that makes him viable, but there are, of course, others. Another is the story. You have Arkham-like city missions, going through the night, taking down both big bad supervillains, like Merlyn, Deadshot, and maybe even Riddler (a fan favorite of Amell's), and you can go after the rich people running Starling/Star City who have failed it. When you don't feel like going through downtown Starling, you can go into a flashback. Remember the newest Tomb Raider game, going around the wilderness, getting stuff done (coincidentally with a bow as well)? I believe that it would be a lot like that.

Just like this.
Just like this.

And knowing how cool all of the "Team Arrow" actors are, I feel that they'd be glad to voice the characters in the game. The game could include DLC skins, like the classic Green Arrow with the lace and the feathered cap. New 52 Green Arrow. Even Smallville. Just like having Oracle in the Arkham games, Emily Bett Richards is in your ear giving you leads for the night. Now, something that I didn't like about the Arkham games was lack of support and playability from partners. Now, in the new game, during two-on-many battles where you have Robin or Nightwing with you, you can play as them. Even though there was that new mode of gameplay in the other games, your bat family barely even showed up. If an Arrow game was made, then I very much hope that Arsenal, Diggle, Atom, Black Canary, all of Oliver's allies would have a much larger role in the game.

Why it wouldn't work:

However, there are some things that would make the game never be able to live up to the Arkham franchise. The biggest problem I find right now is another crossroad. Multiple options. They could:

A) make the game set in a new universe. With the Arkham Knight ending as it did (I hope no one takes these as spoilers), but Rocksteady really defined the Arkhamverse as being very different than the normal universe. This option may be the best option, because you could include elements from Arrow, like Felicity, Thea, and Diggle, and still be able to include elements from the comics, like costumes and contacts in the league.

B) Keep it in the Arkhamverse. See how Ollie's doing while Bruce is off trapped in Arkham City or battling Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight.

C) Have the game set in the CW Universe. I think that this may be the worst option. With Arrow being a television show, it continues. It keeps going. If the game is made just before Season 4, then the game will be boring by the time Season 5 arrives, with all of the story arcs in the game being useless.

Whichever option they choose, someone's gonna be unhappy with Rocksteady's choice. But that's human nature, so there isn't much that anyone can do about that.


Who should get an Arkham-like game?


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