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It appears that Marvel has found its beautiful assassin...and we have all seen her kick some major butt before.

She looks the part for sure.
She looks the part for sure.

Just announced a little earlier today, Marvel has tabbed Elodie Yung to take on the role of Elektra for season two of it's hit Netflix series Daredevil.

Most of us saw her in the somewhat forgettable sequel G.I.Joe Retaliation as the Snake Eyes understudy Jinx. Now she looks to fill the shoes previously worn by Jennifer Garner from 2004's Daredevil and the spin-off Elektra.

Hopefully this French beauty with the looks and the martial art background can make us all forget this iconic character's previous appearances on our screens. Her casting description says “a mysterious woman from Matt Murdock’s past whose dangerous and exotic ways may be more than he can handle.” Her character was originally created by Frank Miller in a filler issue of Daredevil, but fans quickly fell in love with her and so she was kept on. Both a foe and friend and frequent love interest of our favorite blind hero; Elektra has looks, and skills, that kill. Initially trained by Murdock's mentor, Stick, Elektra ultimately chose to become a trainee and assassin for The Hand. Trained in both hand-to-hand martial arts, along with wielding a deadly pair of sais, she can stand toe to toe with many in the Marvel universe. She has also crossed paths with Wolverine as well.

With this casting, along with John Bernthal's casting as Frank Castle, this leaves one major role still uncast....Daredevil's primary nemesis, Bullseye. Looking forward to any and all news as Marvel continues to crank it out.

Season 2 of Daredevil looks to hit Netflix next Spring 2016. And look for Marvel's next series Jessica Jones on Netflix later this year.


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