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1. T-1000

One of the MOST rent-less machine is T-1000. It doesn't talk much because It just kills. It can shape shift to anything, It touches. It will be ACE of my team because you can't destroy it with pistol, machine gun, shotgun etc. Besides It doesn't eat and that factor will also be helpful to our Survival Team.

2. Tallahassee

Well, what to say about this Guy. He is best character for Apocalypse. He has class as well as humor. He posses all kind of skills you need in Apocalypse(Skills to use all types of Guns OR Killing with Guitar). He is just Bad-ass!

3. Max Rockatansky

I had to choose Max, because He is Roadwarrior. Nobody is as good as Max in Post Apocalyptic . He is excellent Driver, Good Fighter, excellent strategist, ex-cop(which helps) and No non-sense kind of Guy. With Roadwarrior being on my side even Dominic Toretto won't catch me.


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