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I majored in film in college, only to find out i would learn most things outside of my classes. So I guess this is the stuff that I've lear
Mel Mautone

At the beginning of the summer, Buzzfeed Yellow posted a video on Youtube that they produced regarding how men treat women in Hollywood and the media. However, instead of making "sh*t women in media are tired of hearing" video like they normally might, they decided to turn the tables.

My personal favorite is "be careful with that light, it's kind of tricky", because I can't even begin to count the number of guys who have said that to me.

Granted, sometimes if I'm being lazy on set, it's nice to get a guy to carry or do something for me. However, to all the men that might run into me on a set, thank you, but I got it. I didn't pay for 4 years of film school and not learn how to put up arri's, kinos, HMI's, etc. Please, just treat us badass film ladies as your equals on and off set, and we'll get along just fine. :)


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