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is upon us, and there's a war coming.

Are you a part of the revolution?

Katniss Everdeen, the symbol of rebellion for our districts against the oppressive Capitol. Our warrior and protector is back and ready for a fight to the finish. The rebellion is by her side, on the rise, and ready to fight back.

Yet, throughout all of this talk of the upcoming rebellion, the Capitol still continues to remind us that all is well. Citizens throughout Panem are constantly being reassured by the Capitol that the rebels want to destroy our unity and peace, that we must continue to stand strong and united.

Recently an image surfaced from the Capitol:

President Snow and the Capitol stand strong and united for you and all of Panem. The image is white and our leaders appear to be stone statues, showing the citizens of our districts the purity and strength of the Capitol. Insuring our safety and the regularity of our normal lives, they remind us that they're always, "For the Citizens, by the Capitol."

The following video address was then released to CapitolTV:

President Snow reminds us citizens of our "elegant system" that provides nourishment and protection. He also states that the districts are the body and the Capitol is the beating heart. Without the Capitol, we have nothing. Lastly, he gives us a grim reminder that without the system, and if we resist it, we are the ones that will bleed.

The Capitol provides our protection, peace, and strength. But, is this true?

The sterile image provided by the Capitol above has been shattered. What looked strong and pure is all a lie.

The rebellion fights for us and our freedom. Our eyes have been opened and we need to come to the realization that a war is coming, and no one is safe.

Katniss, the leader of our rebellion, advocates for the punishment of President Snow's crimes. He previously destroyed District 13 and recently destroyed District 12 to maintain order and control against any rebellious acts. President Snow has been the mastermind behind innumerous murders of the innocent citizens and children of our beloved districts.

District 13 is on the rise and back stronger than ever. With Katniss as their leader, they are sure to persevere and bring District 13 back to life once again. The battle will not be easy and the Capitol will put up a fight. It's up to you Panem, who do you stand with?

The revolution is happening. Stand strong, fight with us!

Will Katniss be victorious?
Will Katniss be victorious?


Are you in?


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