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With Carrie Kelly rumored to be the current Robin in Batman v Superman, then there should have been four previous Robins. I'm going to do 10 actor lists of each member of the Bat-Family that should already exist (Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Stephanie Brown's Batgirl), since there's a chance they'll pop up in the movies.

1. Jensen Ackles

Let's go ahead and get the obvious choice out of the way. Ever since Ackles voiced the character in Batman: Under the Red Hood, the internet has been going crazy about Ackles playing this character in live action. He has the perfect superhero body, he obviously has the voice for Red Hood, and even though he's a little too old, that shouldn't matter with this character staying under a literal red hood all the time.

2. Kit Harington

I for one have always imagined Harington in this dark role. He's amazing on Game of Thrones, he's at the right age to play a grown up Jason Todd, and he has the right kind of body for a slimmer anti-hero/villain. While everyone might not think he would be a good Red Hood, since Ackles is the only choice most people have thought about, he has true potential.

3. Aaron Paul

Ever since Aaron Paul got famous from Breaking Bad, I've wanted him to play an adult Robin. Since he plays dark so well, why not Red Hood? He would be too old, but like I said with Ackles, he should stay covered up for the most part. Even if he's not, both actors would bring so much to the table that it's hard to overlook. I think if Paul got cast, we would all be happy with the performance he'd give.

4. Hayden Christensen

Say what you will about the Star Wars prequel trilogy, but I thought that Hayden's portrayal of a dark Anakin perfectly exemplified his credentials to play a dark role like Red Hood. He's not entirely too old for the role , he has the body for a slimmer Jason Todd, and like I said, I think he can play dark very well.

5. Brett Dalton

Brett Dalton is my personal favorite for the role. He's shown how well he can go from good to bad so fast in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., he's only 32, so not too old for the role (assuming someone older like Matt Bomer gets cast as Nightwing), and he's one built dude. This guy was considered for Superman he's so built, and that's never a bad thing when you're casting a superhero/villain.

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6. Lucas Till

With the X-Men movies coming to a foreseeable end, it seems that Till's schedule would have an opening for a role like this. This guy is the first actor to be the absolute perfect age for the role at 24, he got in great shape to play Havok, and I have confidence that he can go darker than he did in X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games, which were both kind of dark. I have a good feeling about Till as an actor in general, and I would love to see him in a role of this magnitude.

7. Tyler Hoechlin

Hoechlin is the type of actor that might not be believed as Robin, but would be a great Red Hood. He's only 27, he has a great body already, and he can play dark very well. While Tyler mainly does TV, I feel like he could have a major breakout from this role, which he is well suited for. Maybe if they add a little movie magic he would look good in a Robin outfit, before he became the Red Hood of course.

8. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Taylor-Johnson is the perfect age for the role, being just 25, his body for Quicksilver and Kick-Ass 2 was quite substantial, and he's one of the rare types that looks like a boy scout (Robin), but can play a dark badass (Red Hood) as well. The only problem with Aaron's casting, would be that he's one of the only people to have played a Marvel character even though he won't be appearing as Quicksilver again, because of his sad death in Avengers: Age of Ultron...

9. Charlie Hunnam

Hunnam would be the only actor on this list I would condone catching crap for. He's too old, yes, but let's bring up the mask thing once again. I personally loved his dark performance as Jax in Sons of Anarchy and the character he played in Pacific Rim, but I know everyone doesn't feel that way. He does, however, have the body for the character, and the ability to play dark roles. That's what I look for in an actor for a role like this.

10. Taylor Kitsch

While most of Kitsch's gritty action roles have bombed, he can truly play dark characters well. Some of you would say that he, along with most of my choices, is too old to play this character, but if 31 year old Andrew Garfield can play high school Peter Parker, then any of these men can play a character that's supposed to be in his mid-20's (ish). Back on Taylor now, he has the body, he looks kind of like the Robin type, and he can play dark action roles better than given credit for.

What did you think? Do you have an actor that could play Red Hood? Let me know in the comments!


Who do you think would make the best Red Hood?

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