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The year is 2134 and everything sucks. There’s been an apocalypse and everything is destroyed. There’s barely any water. There’s crazy outlaws trying to kill us and there’s nothing but desert left. So, we need a team to survive and rebuild the world. Muscle. Smarts. Leadership. And a Moral Compass.

The Muscle (AND SMARTS) - Dr Manhattan

A big blue speedo wearing God
A big blue speedo wearing God

Obviously in an apocalyptic world there is going to be crazy survivors wanting to kill us, so we some muscle. But we also need brains, able to help out when the going gets tough. My choice to defend and think for the team is Dr Manhattan. He’s virtually a god that can do anything. So the endless deserts could simply be turned into oceans with a click of the fingers. He’s also a genius nuclear physicist that could solve almost any problem. He would help rebuild society by transforming the world with his mind, from the desert husk to a beautiful New Eden. However he can be dark, as he’s willing to make the hard choices.

Now that we have our protector and brains, this team needs a leader.

The Leader - Captain America

The Definition of Freedom - Captain America
The Definition of Freedom - Captain America

Let’s face it, Captain America is perhaps the greatest leader of all time. He’s an inspiration to his team mates and a formidable warrior. In this apocalyptic world, he could unite the survivors into a new nation and lead a reborn society. His morality is fair, able to balance out the team. His judgement and leadership make him the best qualified to lead my team and the rebuild civilisation.

Lastly we need someone who can provide good company.

The Moral Compass - Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

But First Let Me Take Selfie
But First Let Me Take Selfie

Yes I’ve chosen a hero that would be paralysed but I’m choosing her before she was shot. She would serve as the groups moral compass and comic relief as she’s both funny and a badass fighter thanks to Batman's training. Also whilst rebuilding society, people would look to her as the people’s Queen much Like Khalessi in Game Of Thrones but more compassionate and merciful.


This team could easily survive and rebuild the broken civilisation with the leadership of the Captain, the power of the Doctor and the morality of Batgirl.


So Did I get it right?


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