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Man, it has been forever since the last time I saw an episode of Dragon Ball Z on a TV schedule. Going on, what…13 years? *whistles* How time flies! I certainly didn’t expect this, even after the fun I had watching Battle of Gods. But here we are, with a new episode and new adventures ready to begin. Let’s dive into this new show, shall we?

Our first episode takes place directly after the Majin Buu saga, after Goku, Vegeta, Hercule (Mr. Satan) and the people of Earth helped in a combined effort to stop and defeat the monster that was Kid Buu. If you remember the finale, the dragon balls were used to make a wish and have the people of Earth forget the events of Majin Buu, so that the character can walk among the public eye and continue to live with Hercule, etc. In case you were wondering, yes, the events of DBGT don’t count.

So, what happens in this first episode? Pretty much…nothing. It sounds like a negative, but it really isn’t. We basically just get a recap of what our heroes have been doing ever since. Here, we get only part of a story that involves: Goku, Goten, Gohan, Videl, Trunks, Bills, Weis, Buu, Mr. Satan and a short cameo by Piccolo. With these characters, we have a few character stories happening at the same time.

Goku is being forced by his wife Chi-Chi to go do some farm work to earn some money. Of course, our hero hates the idea and would rather spend time at King Kai’s place to train and prepare for the next threat, should there ever be one. It’s at this point that I ask myself: ‘Why doesn’t he just invest in a dojo?” I mean, he’s arguably the world’s greatest martial artist and it shouldn’t be difficult to get Yamcha, Krillin and Tien involved. It could be some quite revolutionary with the right elements put in place. Regardless, Goku just hates to do anything that isn’t training. He does get help from his son, Goten.

What continues after that is nothing but charming and funny moments between these two. The following characters that appear in this episode? Goten and Trunks trying to get Videl a wedding gift, Piccolo’s cameo was amusing and Mr. Satan getting rich off the fact that he claims responsibility for defeating Kid Buu and saving the universe, again. Cue the comedy.

I will admit that this is my first time seeing one of my all time favorite shows growing up with their original Japanese voice actors. I can’t for the life of me take them seriously. Just. Can’t. I know there are some anime shows where the originals can’t be matched by their dubbed counterparts, but this is where DBZ becomes almost impossible to take seriously. Can’t wait for the North American release, but until then, I can suck it up and enjoy what I can.

Dragon Ball Super seems to take a page from Battle of Gods, where it combines the humor and silliness of Dragon Ball, with the seriousness and high-octane action of the DBZ series. A good combination. The new look of animation was a bit much to get used to, but after that, it stops being an issue. Long as it doesn’t go full on 3D, we’re good.

Not much more I can say without getting into heavy spoilers. All I know is that, at the end of the episode, there seems to be a new evil on the horizon, but we only get this information in words, not visuals. Next episode? Vegeta!


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