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I have had my fill of teasing for watching this show. But the truth is that it's a good show, and it's probably turned into an even better show as seasons pass. I have my favourite moments and plot lines from this show and I know that some are better than others.

But what I do know is that there are so many opportunities for success. Sure, season four in my opinion wasn't the strongest, but season five can be so much more. I know that Teen Wolf Season 1 is long gone, and we're probably not going to be getting that back anytime soon, but maybe it's better if we don't. It makes watching it again so much better, doesn't it?

These kids have been through so much trauma that we can't really expect them to go back to their goofball antics without feeling unauthentic vibes. And that's a good thing, the show is evolving, it's changing with it's characters and writing new plot lines and curveballs from every direction. Season one started it all with the Alpha, and we thought we had it bad then. But it was when season two came swinging around that we realised season one was a walk in the park up against Jackson Whittemore: Lovable Rich Brat. The Kanima was definitely the big bad of season two, and a Kanima - if you're wondering - is a giant lizard man. More animal than man I suspect, but still identifiably Jackson.

Season three followed through with shocking its audiences when it introduced witchcraft, or druids. There were a lot of tree trunks and dead bodies that followed in its wake, and honestly, it left the characters absolutely exhausted. It was definitely a different angle, and one really that they did well. Which was why nobody really saw season four coming.

Japanese myths, demons, possessions and and a further exploration of Banshees. It was a season for the ages, my favourite season personally and one that I would happily watch again and again. Finally, Stiles was given a plot line where he wasn't the comedic savior or the substitute character. He was given to the godsend plot line of Nogitsune!Stiles. Nogitsune is a Japanese demon that moves into Stiles' vessel. And really, it's props to Dylan O'Brien's acting talent because it was the most terrifying thing to watch. Audiences weren't sure if it was Stiles onscreen or the demon, and it was exhilarating.

So here is season five. And I have specifically steered clear of any news or hints about what the season is about because I don't want to spoil it. By looking at the previous big bad's, you know that these writers are capable of writing phenomenal plot lines, and I don't know what they're going to do but I can only hope that it's as good as I imagine it could be.


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