ByJared James Gillette, writer at

The Muscle:

The first person on this list is none other than..... GOKU, the muscle of the group. Capable of taking out hundreds at once. He is kind, honest, immensely powerful, and is very very cool.

The Scout:

Every team needs someone to take point and plan ahead. For me that person (alien) is none other than ..... THE PREDATOR! Who wouldn't want this , "Ugly Mother F***er" on their team. Capable of seeing in multiple forms of infrared and very cool alien weapon technology. A master hunter, capable of invisibility, along with great strength.

The Brains:

Every team needs a smart person. That person plans ahead and makes sure every thing is in place. who better to have than Commander Spok. A Vulcan who is one of the most intelligent beings who has a surprising amount of strenght. He can speak multiple languages and always follows protocol without question making him a loyal and valuable member.
This concludes "The only people needed for apocalyptic survival." Hope you enjoyed.

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