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Aw, Johnny Depp really does have a heart of gold. Yesterday dressed in full Jack Sparrow attire, he left his precious rum supply behind and headed over to bring smiles to some seriously sick children. Johnny Depp brought out the softer side of the eccentric personality of Jack by making a surprise appearance at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, oncology and neurology wards in Brisbane, Australia.

This trip was one which Johnny Depp really wished to be kept under wraps and he asked staff not to publicize the event. But, thanks to the huge amounts of photos which have emerged from his surprise visit, we can have a little peek of his hospital trip.

The first sign that something was going to be different for the patients at the hospital that day was when a very out-of-the-ordinary black helicopter landed at the hospital.

One person who saw this strange looking helicopter was 7-year-old Max Bennett. This sweet boy spent last week in an induced coma and before this was on a life support machine. Max was told that Jack Sparrow was upstairs, and upstairs he was!

Max's mom was excited for this surprise news, too:

"He was going from room to room seeing all the kids who couldn't get out of bed.

We waited out of the front of one of the rooms, and he came up to us and had a really good chat to Max."

Here is Johnny encouraging Max to pull some silly faces with him

Fellow Pirates co-star Stephen Graham even joined in too for the hospital trip. These two pirates lifted everyone's spirits while they handed out some gold coins together

This video is heart-melting and tear-jerking. Johnny was not just dressed as Jack, but in full cheeky character too

This lovely quote comes from Max's mom talking about what the experience was like for the children:

"He was taking his time to make sure he spoke to each and every one of them. It was really beautiful. Everyone kept on trying to move him on, but he kept on coming back. He was here for the kids."

Johnny had Max really laughing as he made a beard out of his hair

For a moment, these kids had a chance to escape their fears as Johnny Depp joked around with them. He may be one of the top actors in Hollywood, but Johnny Depp has always managed to stay grounded, letting his heart lead first. This was no PR stunt, but just a really thoughtful actor doing what he can to raise some smiles.

"Now, if there's other people in it why do you call it a selfie?"

This video is by Juiced TV - a show made by the children being treated at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital:

These kids are just on another level of happiness, and Johnny Depp has some funny Jack Sparrow-esque lines for them throughout.

Little Sienna McColl was also excited to get to meet Johnny Depp:

The 7-year-old is recovering from being hit by a car. Johnny's presence had her laughing and smiling as he fooled around in character around her.

"He was in full character and didn’t break it or anything, he was drinking a bit of water and was annoyed when he realized it wasn’t rum."

This is not the first time that Johnny Depp has made a surprise appearance

Johnny Depp often travels around with his costume so that he can make appearances. Back in 2010, he made a surprise visit to a school in Greenwich, London after he received this letter from 9-year-old Beatrice:

A pirate with a big heart

Back in 2007, Johnny Depp's daughter Lilly Rise contracted E. coli poisoning and suffered from kidney failure. She was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and made a full recovery there. Johnny Depp thanked the hospital in his own special way by donating 1 million dollars to the hospital. If this gift was not already awesome enough, he had another present up his sleeve: he made a surprise visit to the patients at the hospital in full Jack Sparrow attire.

One of the things that I like most about Johnny Depp is that although he is incredibly successful and could be a total diva, he has instead maintained being humble and grounded. He does charity work not for PR but for others, and his sole purpose is to give back to people and to raise some smiles along the way. Making spontaneous visits without cameras, and with a request for his visits to stay secret really says a lot about who he is. I am sure his appearance at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital will give the children a boost and help their recovery process.


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