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Warning: This here vertical flow of words may contain potential spoilers for Suicide Squad, so if you're on a spoiler-lite diet, good on you! Now, GET OUT! If not, come right in!

Just over half a year ago, the Internet began getting itself wrapped up in rumors that Superman's chrome-domed nemesis Lex Luthor would be making an appearance in Suicide Squad, which is a fairly plausible idea seeing as DC and Warner Bros. are currently setting up links within their cinematic universe.

But, as quickly as the voices crescendoed together, they went silent again, leaving behind a trail of speculation and zero resolution. That was until the social media savvy David Ayer recently tweeted an image of what could very well be Scott Eastwood and Jesse Eisenberg training together on the set of the Suicide Squad.

If this is indeed Jesse Eisenberg's shiny forehead on display, does this mean Luthor will be a major presence in the movie? Will the plot revolve around him in some way?

Well, according to Latino-Review and their little birds, the word on the street is Luthor will indeed be having quite the monumental role in Suicide Squad.

Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) discovers that Luthor is involved in human trafficking, or mainly the trafficking of superhumans. In an effort to stop his malicious activities, Waller recruits Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), who have both been recently incarcerated in Belle Reve, and the rest of Task Force X.

Task Force X
Task Force X

(Fan art by phsueh)

The team is tasked with tracking down "bio-weaponry" from the clutches of some human traffickers who plan on selling the goods to Luthor. When the team finds the weaponry, they discover it's a young woman named June, who suffers from a split personality - the other personality being the dastardly Enchantress.


So from the looks of it, Luthor may indeed have a huge role to play in Suicide Squad and the entire DCCU, possibly turning out to be a constant thorn in the Justice League's muscular paw.

But Wait, Isn't That... El Diablo?

But after saying all of that, there is another cast member who has undertaken a drastic loss of hair for his entrance into the DCCU. Jay Hernandez, or otherwise known as Suicide Squad's El Diablo, and all of his insane tattoos will be getting up to some baldheaded badassery in Task Force X.

I can't imagine Luthor will be getting his knuckles red with the blood of superheroes just yet, so there's good reason to take the Luthor "reveal" with a pinch of salt, because it might not be him!

As ever, we'll just have to wait and see what happens when Suicide Squad smashes into cinemas on August 5, 2016. Or, you know, when the entire script or plot gets leaked.

(Source: Comic-Book Movie, Latino-Review, David Ayer/Twitter)


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