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It is pretty mind-blowing to wrap your head around the fact that poor little Kevin McCallister was left behind when he was supposed to join the family on an enjoyable trip to France.

We wonder how anybody can forget about a child, but I suppose the combination of stress and the attempt to make it to the airport on time will cause anyone to forget the most important things in life, like, your child for example.

On Reddit, Luminescence9 came up with an insanely dark fan theory involving Uncle Frank. Perhaps it may be a bit of a stretch, but we can all admit fan theories are fun to think about and play around with.

Kevin's Uncle Put a Hit Out on Him

Sometime prior to the movie, Kevin discovers some potentially incredibly damaging information pertaining to his Uncle Frank McCallister. (This information could be something to tax dodging or something money related due to Kevin's reference to him being a "Cheapskate".) Frank notices Kevin's snooping and knows Kevin is now a liability. Already holding a deep resentment for his brothers children, Frank puts into motion a plan of removing the threat that Kevin is.

Frank knows that they're set to leave the following morning for their Christmas vacation. He devises a plan to deal with Kevin through his underworld connections to hire two local thieves to do away with the potentially troublesome Kevin.

The morning of the trip, Frank sets his trap by volunteering to wake Kevin and deliberately forgets to do so leaving Kevin behind while the rest of the family leaves for their vacation.

The story progresses as shown in the film, Kevin is some sort of MacGuyver genius or something.

Meanwhile, the old creepy shovel guy distributing salt on the sidewalk (Old Man Marley). This man is an undercover police officer placed there to monitor Frank. He stays behind to keep an eye on the house.

In the finale of the movie, Kevin is captured by the hitmen and would-be thieves and is about to be murdered. Marley noticed this and intervenes shortly after notifying his fellow policemen.

The connection between the hitmen and Frank is not established and Frank continues on into the next film.

While it is true that Uncle Frank appears to have an intense dislike towards Kevin and his siblings, it seems pretty shocking that someone's own uncle would plan such an ominous set up to get rid of another family member.

But if he had such an intense secret he needed to keep hidden? He might have been driven to do just that.

While this is probably not true, we have to admit Kevin McCallister is thankfully a boy genius with the ability to outsmart any adult using mere objects around his home to pull off the most elaborate of traps.

And now we know exactly what to do when evil robbers attempt to break into our cozy little houses.


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