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With most of us growing up reading and watching Harry Potter throughout our childhoods, many of us love seeing what the cast are doing now. In the same way that seeing an old friend from elementary or middle school all grown up is fascinating, so too is seeing what an ex-Hogwarts student is doing years after they hung up their robes for good.

Jamie Yeates is one of the hundreds of child actors who appeared in the Harry Potter film franchise over the years. You will remember him for his role as the Slytherin chaser and team captain Marcus Flint, a fellow that Harry theorized was probably part troll. I can't imagine why...

Yeates only appeared in one of the eight films in the franchise: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but there's absolutely no way you could forget how he portrayed Flint with that distinctive smirk, those gnarled teeth and his generally loathsome behavior:

These days however, Jamie Yeates looks quite different to the Hogwarts student from back in 2002! Check out what the now 31-year-old looks like now:

Source: Jamie Yeates/Facebook
Source: Jamie Yeates/Facebook

Whoa! Flint got buff!

After his role in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Yeates appears to have stopped acting, having also racked up acting credits in the TV series Mr. Bean and TV movie Mirad in the mid-90s. What exactly Jamie might be doing these days is a bit of a mystery. Though we were able to find out he now lives in Pretoria, South Africa, it's unknown whether he still has a penchant for theatrics, or has entered another field entirely.

And as for those teeth? Well, as you can see by Jamie's pearly whites these days, I think it's pretty obvious that he was rocking a pair of false teeth for the movie - thank goodness!

Source: IMDB


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