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Type of Pokémon is one element of the [Pokémon](tag:2538552) games that have accelerated beyond expectation. Fans who haven't touched the games since the early days of Red and Blue were confounded to encounter such new types as "Ghost", "Dark", or "Fairy". It's easy to dismiss these Pokemon types as vague and overly ambitious, but what they really are is an effort to expand the gameplay. No longer are we restricted to elements like Fire, Water, Electricity, and for some reason, Leaf.

The new Pokémon types in Pokémon Z!

There are many ways in which Pokemon Z can improve on a decades old formula, which I've already written about here! But one of the features I'm sure we are to receive could be the addition of new Pokemon types. These new types listed here are completely speculative, but would no doubt offer new forms of gameplay, and designs for new Pokemon! Let's take a look at some of the weirder Pokemon types we could encounter in Pokemon Z!


Could it look something like this?
Could it look something like this?

This new type would likely remind people of Poison types such as Weezing and Ekans, but the idea of an acid Pokemon provides numerous and nasty opportunities. Imagine a kind of Pokemon that could do recurring damage not through poison, but through a corrosive attack that an opponent would have to remedy mid-fight. Much like the Xenomorphs from the movie Aliens, Acid type Pokemon could receive a partial vicinity attack after taking damage. It would be impossible to significantly harm this type without the risk of some fallout.


This might be the vaguest Pokemon type ever suggested, since time is more a perceivable concept than a tangible element. It would be a complex type to implement in Pokemon Z, but it's effects could be amazing! A Time type Pokemon could freeze an enemy's attacks, and suck them up later in the fight once they've made their move. Potentially, this type could even send an enemy's attack through a time portal, and use it in a later fight against an entirely different Pokemon! The possibilities go on!

A Time Pokemon would be close to the Psychic type!
A Time Pokemon would be close to the Psychic type!


Digimon is often cited by the untrained fan as a rip-off of Pokemon. What better way to mock that attitude than for Pokemon Z to itself rip off the premise of Digimon? Well, having a Digital type might not entirely be considered a rip-off if the type was implemented nicely in gameplay. A Digital type could take confusion and stun mechanics to a new level, and could even get a little meta, messing with the game itself and very device you play on!


You know how annoying the Pokemon that use a form of screech to paralyze you are? How about an entire Pokemon type centered around that? Okay, so no one really wants that, but a Sound type could provide the opportunity for mechanics like imitation, which would confuse opponents. A Sound type Pokemon could also take the musical mechanics surrounding Pokemon like Jigglypuff to new and interesting places!


It would have to look like this weirdo!
It would have to look like this weirdo!

It would be cool to extend Pokemon such as Deoxys IN Pokemon Z to their own type, namely ones from outer-space. Space type Pokemon could adopt gravity related moves that would bend the effects of enemy attacks, weigh down opponents, or simply introduce an element of chaos to battles. Imagine your Pokemon being able to throw a singularity! These kinds would no doubt have an air of mystery and prestige surrounding them!


You can be hard and shiny... need I say more? This is a type that has rarity built into its very conceit, so I'm honestly surprised we haven't encountered it yet! What are your hopes for the release of Pokemon Z? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or by leaving a comment below!


Which of these Pokemon types would be coolest in Pokemon Z?


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