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Phil Lord & Christopher Miller, best known for their 21 & 22 Jump Street films and last year's The Lego Movie have just booked the job of a lifetime as they are now the directors of the upcoming Han Solo stand alone Star Wars film.

Phil Lord & Chris Miller
Phil Lord & Chris Miller

Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon will write the script and the film will be released May 25th 2018. The two writers said the following about working with Lord & Miller:

“We’re so excited to be working with Chris and Phil, who will bring a fresh new dimension to the Star Wars universe,” said the Kasdans. “They’re two of the smartest, funniest and most original filmmakers around, and the ideal choice to tell the story of Han Solo, one of the coolest characters in the galaxy.”

Kathleen Kennedy who will produce the film over at Lucasfilm said this about the two directors and what they can bring to the project:

“It’s not just any filmmaker who can tell the story of such a beloved icon like Han Solo, and I’m excited to say we’ve found the perfect team to handle the task. Larry and Jon know all there is to know about the character, and Chris and Phil will bring their wit, style, energy and heart to tell Han’s story.”

Reports are claiming that this Han Solo film is not the same film that Fantastic Four director Josh Trank was working on before he left Lucasfilm. Trank and the studio parted ways in May because of many rumored issues. The film that Trank was working on was set to be a Boba Fett stand alone and is still looking for a director. This film was originally slated for a 2018 release which is now probably pushed back to a later date.

The last we heard of Lord & Miller they were set to develop The Flash for Warner Bros., but we were unsure as to what capacity. Lord & Miller are fundamentally comedy filmmakers which makes me wonder how they got this job. They must have had an excellent pitch. But no longer are the days where I will doubt a comedy filmmakers' talent in action or drama as just last year we saw Anthony & Joe Russo, two comedy directors, blow us all away with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Lord & Miller are such big talents, their sense of humor is so refreshing and witty and I can't wait to see what kind of Han Solo they portray.

For a long time I have been one of those fans dismissing the idea of a Han Solo stand alone flick, I'm not a fan of prequels and as such a huge fan of Harrison Ford in the role, I don't want to see anyone else jump in just to do an impression of him. I don't like the idea of Lucasfilm basing their Anthology films off individual characters, which I why I think Rogue One is such a great idea, I also don't like the sounds of this Boba Fett film. But with Lord & Miller on as directors, I'm incredibly interested to see what they would do with the material.

More than the directors of this film, I'm curious as to who can step into such iconic shoes (or boots) as Han Solo. Harrison Ford has become so synonymous with the character and with this being a younger take on Solo, he obviously can't return to play him again. From now until the official announcement dozens of names will be thrown about the internet, probably Chris Pratt more than most.

Star Wars Anthology: Han Solo (I really hope they don't have that as the title) will be the second Anthology film in this refreshed Star Wars universe and is slated for a May 25th 2018 release.

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