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When Warner Bros. announced their upcoming slate of DC films, many of us questioned the absence of stand alone Batman and Superman flicks. DC told us not to worry as those will happen, but when exactly?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Superman actor Henry Cavill said the following:

"There's plenty of time for individual Superman sequels. He's a tough character to tell. People like the darker vigilante. I think it speaks to the human psyche more easily rather than the god-like being that we can't really understand. Once we have a more expansive universe we can delve into the character of Superman and hopefully tell more stories."

Cavill is right, for years audiences have gravitated more towards Batman because he is a more complex character from what we've seen on screen. Many of us wondered if Batman V Superman would be a Man Of Steel sequel featuring Batman but that's not the case, a Man Of Steel 2 will happen eventually. I like Cavill's comment of having a more "expansive universe", Superman is an alien after all and can travel to many more locations other than Earth, it would be interesting to see a story of his take place off world and have the DC universe more open to him.

The big struggle with a Superman film is who does he fight? General Zod was a great villain in Man Of Steel but who else can DC bring in that wouldn't just be doing the same thing. The obvious answer is Lex Luthor, a character who will be introduced to us in Batman V Superman, but many of Superman's villains will probably be used in Justice League films. We know Metallo was the original plan as the villain for a Man Of Steel 2 and that might still be the case.

I was one of the fans who adored Man Of Steel and I was hoping for just one Superman sequel before we jumped off into the DC Cinematic Universe but the introduction of these other heroes does make sense. Superman will get his individual stories down the road but as Cavill suggests, coming up with a story for the hero isn't the easiest task.

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