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With San Diego Comic-Con fast approaching it means we only have a few days to wait until the Season 6 trailer for The Walking Dead drops!

Despite the season not premiering until October, if previous SDCC's are anything to go by we can expect a trailer anywhere from three to four minutes in length absolutely jam-packed with footage of what we can expect to see in the first half of Season 6.

However, before we get too carried away thinking about the Comic-Con trailer, AMC has released two promo pictures for Season 6, they're pretty interesting - see what you think:

Source: The Walking Dead/Facebook
Source: The Walking Dead/Facebook

First things first: I hope it's not me, but it's still a little weird not seeing Rick with a beard. Moving on to the poster as a whole, this has to be a total nod the end of Season 5, episode 13 when Rick stood with his hands on the wall around Alexandria listening to a walker on the other side. Take another look at the scene below:

The composition of the posters are super interesting. The image appears as though it's displaying two sides of his personality - his human and inhuman side. On one hand you can still see he's just a man with two kids, trying to do his best to survive - he's even wearing his wedding ring, a reminder of what he's lost. Meanwhile on the other side we see the ruthless side of Rick that we saw emerge at the end of Season 5 when he had started seeing human life as almost dispensable if they didn't live up to his new world ideals.

Michonne also has her own promo shot, though she seems a little more wary of the walker on the other side of the wall, showing she isn't quite on the same level as Rick just yet. However, it looks like her monstrous side is definitely trying to get through:

Source: The Walking Dead/Facebook
Source: The Walking Dead/Facebook

Of course the posters are also clearly showing just how flimsy and thin the barrier between the living and the dead really is - as anyone who watches the show will know, absolutely no character is safe from danger, and I have no doubt in Season 6 there will be more fan outrage as another fave is taken from us.

But unfortunately we have to wait a bit longer to find out what will happen in Season 6, but at least by the end of the weekend we'll have a little taste of what to expect.

Source: The Walking Dead Facebook


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