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When talented illustrator Shoomla drew her beautiful and meticulously researched historically accurate Disney princesses, she had no idea that one day they would simply walk off the page!

These opulent art nouveau style drawings were so popular in the Deviant Art community that cosplayers started to steal their style for lavish photoshoots and the results must have made the original artist grin from ear-to-ear.

Below are the most beautiful looks recreated by the cosplay community and you can see more of Shoomla's work HERE.


Cosplay by: EnchantedCupcake

The artist set Cinderella in the late 1860s. Let's hope the exquisite lace work on this cosplay creation is never destined to be dirtied by the cinders.


Cosplay by: TheMoonSquid

In Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip explicitly states that it is the 14th Century, and this is the inspiration for this stunning multilayered dress.

Perhaps even more impressive though, is how cosplayer Moon Squid totally nailed the setting and pose for this look. It's uncanny!


Cosplay by: CowButtCrunchies

Concept art suggests that Beauty and the Beast is tentatively set in the 18th century, so poor Belle is subjected to life inside a giant yellow meringue. You wouldn't be sliding along the bookshelves in this beast!


Cosplay by: Sara Cosplays

Seeing as Tangled doesn't appear to have a specific time period, the artist merged 18th and 16th century fashions together to make this eye-catching gown.


Cosplay by: CocaBeliLight

After taking inspiration from the puffed sleeves of Ariel's wedding dress, the artist used the 1890's as a reference point for this stunning artichoke green number.

Snow White

Cosplay by: Tsuya

Both the youngest and the oldest Disney princess, Snow White was set in the 16th century and these delightful sleeves were inspired by some of the more unusual fashion of the era.

If you're interested in the awesome Deadpool in the GIF above, you can check out more of his work HERE.

(Source: Dorkly via Shoomlah)


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