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I have been reading comics since before I could read. When I learned how to read, they became significantly better.
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So, Moviepilot recently hosted a contest and I absolutely adore these things, so I decided to jump on again. The challenge states:

The year is 2134, and the post-apocalypse landscape that had been the backdrop of so many of your favourite films has now become your favourite films has now become your world. Water is scarce, the deserts are endless and there is a steady stream of deranged outlaws on your tail. To stay alive and maintain any hopes of rebuilding civilization you’ve got to team up with the absolute best. So, who’s in your post-apocalyptic survival team?

Now, I honestly struggled with this. I had to come up with three characters that would be the best crew. I didn’t want to go the cop-out route and choose someone like the Flash or the Doctor, given that they can just go back in time. I didn’t go overpowered like Goku, Superman or Sentry because that’s no fun. Also, I didn’t choose Batman because I didn’t want ALL THE COMMENTS saying that Batman could do it by himself and the other two are unnecessary. I wanted to vary my team and not constrict it to one particular franchise.

Here we go:

1. Green Arrow (Arrow)

I have chosen this version of the Green Arrow given how popular he has become but also because he would be a pretty unlikely choice in the competition. Oliver Queen would work as a hunter, having hunted for years on Lian Yu. He physically is at peak human physical condition, putting him in a category shared by Batman and his Batfamily, Captain America, Daredevil and Deadpool. With his torture on Lian Yu and honed senses, he has incredibly fast reflexes, has expert survival skills, can tolerate large amounts of pain for an extended amount of time and can anticipate attack patterns of even people that have super speed. He has been trained by the great Ras Al Ghul to push his already phenomenal skills even further, technically making him the world’s greatest assassin. He can hunt and fight using anything he picks up, having been shown to be a master marksman with masterful control over bows and arrows, firearms, swords (being ambidextrous in their use) and knives (both short and long range). These weapons compliment his already masterful hand-to-hand combat skills and skills in many martial arts, including Eskrima (stick fighting and furthermore, use of bladed weapons), Wing Chun, Hapkido and Jujitsu among others.

He can fight on par with Ras Al Ghul (probably one of the 3 strongest men in the world) with only his hand-to-hand combat skills as well. In terms of fighting and hunting, he can pretty much take on the world. But that is not all that’s needed to survive. His other skills involve being an expert engineer, a master metalsmith, immense free running/parkour/acrobatics/stealth skills, tremendous knowledge of human anatomy and is therefore able to deal with first aid, skill in pressure point manipulation, multilingualism (for meeting other survivors), high level intellect, highly skilled in tactics, leaderly skills and master detective skills. He can get information through psychological warfare, torture and intimidation/interrogation.

He fears pretty much nothing and can fight through otherwise insufferable pain and even poison. He possesses an ability to lie very well, which could help in situations involving outlaws. He knows how to calm down, thanks to meditation. His suit is protective and his arrows can be rigged to explode and record among many other things. He can get around on a motor cycles and has many smoke bombs in his arsenal as well. It is inferred that he has knowledge of the location and uses of the Lazarus Pit and if he uses this knowledge effectively, he could make his entire team immortal. His sense of justice and what is right will also provide the moral compass of the group. The Oliver Queen I’m suggesting though, can provide even more. This Oliver Queen is the one we will be probably be getting in Season 4. This Oliver can provide comedic relief in hard times and this is the other reason I chose him over Batman.

2. Medic (Team Fortress 2)

The Medic isn’t afraid to break the rules to get something done and possesses a bone saw and syringe gun to fight short and long range fights. His real power comes from his Medi Gun though, which has been seen to heal people from basically any injury within seconds. Besides in-game evidence, Meet the Medic shows that he can use the Medi-gun to sustain life in a person even when the heart is removed and can be used to heal ripped open chests within seconds. If his abilities also work like they do in the game, he can also “uber charge” someone, granting them temporary immortality. He has a slow-acting healing factor and is a genius in medicine and human anatomy. His personality also allows for humour and fun, which will be needed in the bleak new world.

3. Nami (One Piece)

Nami is a master at mapping and keeping track of things. She would be needed to navigate the landscape. She has decent agility and is skilled with a bo staff. A master of manipulation, seduction and lying, Nami also possesses fairly great rope skills. She has a basic idea of the world around her and great fighting abilities. She can tactically take down almost anyone and Sanji’s time in her body proved that she’s technically strong enough to pull off a variety of high calibre moves. She has an immense knowledge about weather systems and she can sense weather changes, even when sick. Her pickpocket skills are one of her defining traits, given that she is so good at it. She has shown that she can manage agriculture and this is a skill that is needed. She possesses an Impact Dial, which allows her to send a shockwave out of her. Her “happiness punch” is mostly a joke move but it has been seen to down any man around her.

Her main selling point though is her weapon, the Clima Tact. The Clima Tact allows her to manipulate the weather and she can use it to create mirages, summon lightning and turn into a “thunder lance” among other uses (including an electric trap and a mass electrocution move), shoot powerful gusts of wind that push enemies away like it was a cyclone, create heat and fire, create cold and ice, send enemies flying away in a tornado, create fog to blind enemies, create clouds (even rain clouds, so as to provide water), become invisible, create a thin whirlwind called the gust sword, create a road of clouds, allegedly create snow and create thunder storms. This lets her control the temperature and atmosphere of anywhere around her while summoning the power of all the elements except earth (which still might become a personality if she were to send thunder through the ground and create an earthquake or something). She will do anything to accomplish a purpose and her comedic side will make the apocalypse a lot better to live with.


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