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Scream the TV series as we all know suffered bad reviews before it had even aired. However as a huge Scream fan from a young age I felt I owed it to the brand to watch this series. Like Scream 4 this is a take on the 'original trilogy' as I like to call it, brought into the here and now. So MTV here is what I thought....

New faces, familiar story
New faces, familiar story


Episode 1 opens in 'Lakewood' we see a video going viral and the cyber bullying commences immediately. The use of social media in the first few minutes of the show is a firm stamp to state it's 2015. The video in question is a girl on girl make out session, again how here and now. So far we have the gay card ticked and the technology card ticked but where is ghost face? The opening murder sees boy and girl driving home, he drops her off and she goes into her house 'home alone'. As with Scream the movies she is unknowingly talking to her would be killer....but wait for it not through her landline how 1990s but via text. We know it's coming the surprise element isn't what makes this so good, it is the familiarity. Girl goes outside , lights go off inside, girl tries to run inside ...we know how it goes. Before he stabs her however we see it....Ghost face is no longer Ghost face the mask has changed, this for me was a game changer I was not impressed. The happy reminder of how the lead actress Drew Barrymore was killed of so soon in Scream and the excitement from the first time we seen Ghost face all ruined by this stupid plastic mask.

Moving on however we get the back story through the episode, the tale of a deformed boy who killed several teenagers 20 years ago over unrequited love for a girl, not so shockingly the mother of one of our lead females. The references to the Scream movies now start rolling in quick and often. We see a similar plot as Sydney 's mothers murder in our new plot , we even have a new Randy in the form of Noah. Noah is the self confessed serial killer fanatic quick with all the observations that made randy and scream so unique for it's time. We see reference in the class room to the gothic genre and relevant tv programs such as Hannibal and Bates Motel. Noah discusses how a Slasher movie can't be a TV series ...oh how clever ...this monologue is a tad cheesy however I see what they are doing and I can let it go. Back to the plot we have our killer from 20 years ago 'Brandon James' who is supposedly dead however could be back? This gives me a Halloween Michael Myers vibe however as we all know with Scream it's more than likely Brandon James' long lost cousin or sister or fan. This is what makes it interesting, our viral video of Audrey a lead female played by Bex Taylor - Klaus (Bullet from 'The Killing') is what began the events, this video and instance of cyber bullying opens a can of worms ...the can being Lakewood the worms being everyone's dirty secrets. Each character is hiding something and as our dear departed Randy and now our new 2015 Noah say 'everyone is fair game until there is no one left'.

So episode one gave us a murder a new ghost face , a party by the lake with a group of teenagers talking about how safe they are, in fact we even got a 'I'll be right back' from one character sadly he did come back. These small details are what make Scream the TV series work for old school fans. Without the nostalgia of the originals I don't think there is much substance to this show and when I watch I am looking for these references. I enjoyed the first instalment but I'm not sure if I enjoyed it for the right reasons? Is there going to be enough to keep me hooked that is the question? Can a series survive on pop culture and nostalgic clichés?

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