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I walked into a room where the producers, casting director, and J.K. Rowling herself were seated, staring at me expectantly. Although nervous, I pushed back my fear, and acted out the scene.

When finished, the room was silent. The Harry Potter heads were so impressed with me. One producer spoke up and told me to walk through a door to get on set immediately.

As I ecstatically walked towards the door, my heart began to race. I had tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks as I thought, "finally! This is my big break! I'm going to be a professional actress on the set of Harry Potter!"

I finally reached the door which had a golden light shining through it. My hand grabbed the door knob, and right as I turned it, I instantly woke up.

This was the most amazing dream I have ever had. I have wished and wished that I could have made it past the door for years, to finally enjoy my time on set of the Harry Potter films, but my dreams never steered me back to this particular scenario.

Since I never really got the chance to fly to Leavesden Studios in England and properly audition, I have always enjoyed reading the behind-the-scenes information about how the entire series was put together.

How many of these facts did you know already? I hope a number of these come as a surprise to you!

1. The hundreds of glass bottles that can be found on shelves on the walls in the Potion classroom were filled with the strangest things the producers could find, such as tufts of hair, unwanted guts, or even bones from local butchers.

2. The most expensive wig was the one Helena Bonham Carter wore for her character Bellatrix Lestrange. It was made of real human hair. Helena also wore fake teeth and nails to complete Bellatrix's dark look.

3. To help give Hagrid his massive appearance, producers found a 6'10" body double for the actor. They also made a smaller version of his hut to make him look larger as well as a bigger set to make Harry, Hermione, and Ron look smaller.

4. If Daniel Radcliffe appeared in a scene in which his scar hurt because Voldemort was near, the makeup artists would redden the tattoo so it was more radiant and noticeable.

5. The animals on set were played by various different animals, and surprisingly not the same animal the entire way through. Hedwig was played by four different owls, Scabbers was played by twelve different rats, and Hagrid's dog, Fang was played by nine different Neapolitan Mastiffs.

6. Evanna Lynch, who played the character Luna Lovegood in the films, made some accessories herself and designed a lot of her own outfits, much like the real Luna would.

She even helped make the lion's head she wore to show her support for Gryffindor in the Quidditch match against Slytherin.

7. Five large warehouses were needed to use as storage for all the props used in the Harry Potter films. They housed 12,000 handmade books, 5,000 pieces of furniture, 25,000 printed pages of the Quibbler, and 40,000 Wizard Wheezes products.

8. Matthew Lewis, who played the character Neville Longbottom, had to wear fake, elf-shaped ears. They appeared a tad larger on screen.

9. During the scene in which Harry goes to the Ministry of Magic to find Sirius and becomes distracted by the prophecy orbs, set designers made 15,000 orbs. Sadly, these were eventually scrapped as they ended up digitalizing the scene.

10. In order to film beautiful landscape views of the Hogwarts castle, the art department created a 1:24 scale model, which took 86 artists to construct. It details every courtyard, field, and tower and can be lit from the inside.

As Daniel, Emma, and Rupert grew up, we did the same simultaneously.

Harry Potter fills a huge part in my heart. And although I'll never get to experience the excitement of my dream, I still feel as if i was a part of these films one way or another.

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