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I may well be accused of being a biased judge here, since it was the era I grew up in, but I'll say it nonetheless: the 1990s was the golden age of cartoon TV shows, ushering in a plethora of unforgettable characters who graced our screen for 10 glorious years.

And with great cartoons, come great cartoon theme tunes, many of which were ingrained into my memory over countless hours spent hunched in front of the TV, whistling along to the intros. Scroll down for the 20 greatest '90s theme songs, ranked in order of their toe-tapability. But be warned, once you start listening, you'll be humming your favorites all day long...

Note: Some of the shows included began airing in the '80s, but reached the peak of their prominence during the following decade.

20. Doug

Year: 1996

Lyrical highlight: Ba da de ba be ba ba

In a word: Contagious

19. Spider-Man

Year: 1994

Lyrical highlight: Spider-Man, Spider-Man, radioactive Spider-Man

In a word: Rippin'

18. Pinky and the Brain

Year: 1995

Lyrical highlight: To prove their mousy worth, they'll overthrow the earth

In a word: Diabolical

17. Dragon Ball Z

Year: 1989

Lyrical highlight: Rock the dragon!

In a word: Face-melting

16. Ed, Edd and Eddy

Year: 1999

Lyrical highlight: Ed, Edd and Eddy!

In a word: Beserk

15. Cow and Chicken

Year: 1995

Lyrical highlight: Mama had a chicken, mama had a cow. Dad was proud, he didn't care how

In a word: Trippy

14. Dexter's Laboratory

Year: 1996

Highlight: Electrifying crescendo

In a word: Burton-esque

13. Earthworm Jim

Year: 1995

Lyrical highlight: Jim can be a winner if we only sing along!

In a word: Groovy

12. The Powerpuff Girls

Year: 1998

Lyrical highlight: Sugar, spice, and everything nice

In a word: Sugar-Raving

11. Hey Arnold!

Year: 1996

Lyrical highlight: Move it football head

In a word: Jazzy

10. X-Men

Year: 1992

Highlight: That dope riff

In a word: Synthalicious

9. Recess

Year: 1997

Lyrical highlight: That trumpet speaks for itself

In a word: Rousing

8. Batman: The Animated Series

Year: 1992

Highlight: The climactic thunder-strike

In a word: Triumphant

7. Arthur

Year: 1996

Lyrical highlight: It's a simple message and it comes from the heart: believe in yourself 'cause that's the place to start

In a word: Inspirational

6. Animaniacs

Year: 1993

Lyrical highlight: They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught, but we break loose and then vamoose, and now you know the plot!

In a word: Loony

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Year: 1987

Lyrical highlight: Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!

In a word: Unforgettable

4. Rugrats

Year: 1991

Highlight: The unmistakable drumroll

In a word: Delightful

3. Taz-Mania

Year: 1991

Lyrical highlight: We mean you!

In a word: Taztastic

2. Pokemon

Year: 1997

Lyrical highlight: You teach me and I'll teach you, POO-KEEE-MOOON

In a word: Epic

1. The Simpsons

Year: 1989

Lyrical highlight: The Siiiimpsooons

In a word: Timeless


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