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People are quick to judge Miley Cyrus because she isn't so big on clothes, but the gleefully eccentric pop icon is enormous when it comes to giving.

In fact, in 2014 Miley was named the 4th most charitable celebrity of the year by the non-profit orginization 'Do Something,' ahead of people who are more widely recognized for their charity work including Chris Pratt (number 10) and Emma Watson (number 5).

Miley fits a hearing aid in Haiti
Miley fits a hearing aid in Haiti

Miley credits her family with encouraging her to share her wealth with those less fortunate than her, and in a Time interview she sought to inspire us all to "start young" when it comes to giving, Cyrus explained:

If you pick up a guitar when you’re 8 you’re really good at it by the time you’re 20. It’s the same with giving back. My family has been visiting Kentucky coal-mine towns since I was little. We take clothes, gifts, and school supplies. It’s an eye opener for me, seeing families here in America living in Third World conditions. And it makes me want to make a difference. The truth is, it’s never too early to get involved. Someday today’s kids will be running for President. Now is our prep time. We need to get some practice in before we save the world.

If reading this has got you wondering what Miley has done to earn her charity stripes, the timeline below is just a small selection of the acts she has undertaken to aid the 40 plus charities she supports.

2007 - Beginning to build the City of Hope

Miley performing for City of Hope in 2012
Miley performing for City of Hope in 2012

City of Hope is a private, not-for-profit clinical research center and hospital that is devoted to both preventing and curing cancer and since 2007 Miley has been a huge supporter.

The singer donated $1 from every ticket sold during her 'Best of Both Worlds' tour to the charity and raised over $1 million for this incredibly worth cause. She also performed at both the 2008, 2009 and 2012 benefit concerts for the organization which raised around $4 million combined.

2009 - Getting Her Good On

Miley Cyrus engaging UK school children
Miley Cyrus engaging UK school children

Miley is passionate about engaging young people to care for their community and the people around them so in 2009 she helped to launch the Get Ur Good On initiative with Youth Service America.

Get Ur Good On aims to give young people opportunities to join volunteer projects and provide a network where they can support each other and be rewarded for being good citizens.

2008 Onward - Make-A-Wish with Miley

Miley has given out over 150 wishes to sick children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but she received more column inches than she did for her longstanding relationship with the charity for one totally fabricated incident.

As the press realized that demonizing Miley due to her change of image was always easy clicks, Cyrus ended up the butt on hundreds of headlines insisting she had a "ruined" a 7-year-old cancer patient's day.

The father of the child in question later came forward defending Miley and uploaded images of the pop star's positive interactions with his daughter to silence the critics. He wrote:

"We were grateful for the chance to meet Cyrus in person. My daughter met one of her idols."

Cyrus hugging the child she supposedly shunned
Cyrus hugging the child she supposedly shunned

2010/2011 - Help for Haiti

Miley hugs a child displaced by the hurricane
Miley hugs a child displaced by the hurricane

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Miley has taken part in multiple acts of charity to help the poverty stricken country back to it's feet.

Wanting to help out from home, Miley donated the dress she wore to the Grammys to raise money for those affected, took part in a charity single and starred in a PSA to encourage people to do what they could for the aid effort.

Miley also went to personally lend a hand in Haiti twice with the Starkey Hearing Foundation in a mission that distributed over 400 hearing aids for deaf children who didn't have access to medical care.

2012 - Feeding America

After being personally affected by seeing how poor families around her suffered when she was a child, Miley lent her support to Feeding America to aid people in poverty in her home country.

Miley appeared in a PSA for the food distribution charity in an effort to raise public awareness of domestic hunger and encourage the government to roll out initiatives that benefit America's hungry.

2014 - That VMA Magic

In 2014 Miley Cyrus brought Jesse Helt along as her date who made quite a splash due to the fact he also happened to be homeless.

When Wrecking Ball star scooped up the Best Video award, Miley sent her date up on her behalf to accept the prize "on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and homeless youths in the United States who are starving, lost, and scared for their lives right now."

Although this move was slammed by many as a publicity stunt, Cyrus helped to raise over $200,000 for the homeless charity My Friend's Place after the VMAs by giving away personal items, show tickets and meet-and-greet opportunities as an incentive to get people to donate.

2015 - The Happy Hippie Foundation

After her work with homeless youth, Miley was shocked at the large percentage of young people on the streets who are LGBTQ and decided to do something about it by starting her own charity. In Miley's own words:

"I haven’t been quiet or shy about discrimination issues towards the LGBT community because by alienating people, it makes it harder to work, live in society, have a home, have a family, and can result in homelessness. I wanted to learn more about other challenges in the LGBT community, like violence against transgender women, HIV/AIDS and family condemnation. Anything beautiful on this planet takes time, and with time comes change. That’s why I’m launching the Happy Hippie Foundation — because every life is valuable and we should make sure those who question their value feel protected."
Homeless young people and staff in L.A.
Homeless young people and staff in L.A.

The Happy Hippie foundation aims to help homeless young people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations find their footing in the world by providing a safe space where they can receive practical items like food, fresh underwear and emotional support.

The charity is still in its infancy, but it has already greatly influenced a lobby that allocated $4.5 million more a year to help New York's homeless, started a center in L.A. and launched an Instapride campaign to help non gender binary people feel good about themselves.

2015 - Mac Viva Glam

Miley is currently the face of MAC Viva Glam, a celebrity designed make-up line that donates all of its proceeds to help those affected by HIV/AIDs and fund research into the immune disease.

Along with lending her face to the campaign, Cyrus donated $500,000 dollars to the American Foundation of AIDs Research at the amfAR LA Inspiration Gala earlier this year.

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