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With bumbling detective Inspector Gadget set to make a triumphant return on Netflix, now seems like the perfect time to present this mind bending theory, which suggests that the real Inspector Gadget isn't this guy:

But is in fact this guy:

No, not the cat, but the evil Dr. Claw!

Throughout the entire series Claw's face is obscured, with just his arms and gloved hands remaining visible. This makes him one mysterious individual, and where there's mystery, there's bound to be speculation - even from the makers of the show themselves!

Brian Lemay, the character designer for Inspector Gadget, suggested on his web site that he has his own wacky theory about how the nefarious villain came to be. Check it out:

Here's how I see it: We all know that Inspector Gadget is a robot, here's how I think he came into being. The real life Inspector Gadget was caught in the middle of some police force conspiracy and was set up to 'take the fall.' In the ensuing explosion that was meant to kill him he was actually horribly disfigured and crawled away a la the Phantom of the Opera.
The police force, in order to cover up the mishap secretly created the new robotic Inspector Gadget to take the real Gadget's place. The real Inspector Gadget sunk into a terrible psychotically maddened state sought to destroy his artificial replacement and it has since become an obsession. The voice is a result of the explosion effecting his vocal cords.

Incredible - so the real Inspector has been Claw all along, now continually bent on destroying his robotic replacement!

Now, this isn't totally canon, as Lemay even admits that "there are many holes in this theory that still need to be worked out." But I love the idea, giving Dr. Claw a rather tragic origin story. What do you think? Have we been mistaking the real Inspector for the faceless villain of the series this whole time?

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