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Mark Newton

So, who really is the best zombie killer of them all?

That's the question Aussie filmmaker gang RackaRacka hoped to answer in their new extremely gory, extremely over-the-top and also extremely funny video-game/television mashup, The Walking Dead vs. The Last of Us.

It seems it's the day of Carl's birthday and its reached the point in the proceedings that the birthday boy gets to make a wish. Unfortunately, it seems he wished for the zombie apocalypse. See how that goes in the video below:

As you could probably tell, the video was chock full of references to both The Last of Us and The Walking Dead (there's even a little nod to Left 4 Dead hidden in there too). Let's take a look at some of these moments.

Rick Grimes Insta-Beard

Ellie's Bricking It

Daryl Does His Thing

What's a Party Without Cocktails?

Game Over

If you want to see more of RackaRacka's comedy-action videos - including an equally action-packed battle between Halo and Call of Duty - make sure to check out their channel.


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