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This is some seriously comical stuff right here. It was fan-made by DeviantArt artist nebezial. The only way to truly let you enjoy this, in my opinion, is to give you a little bit of heads up that it could rub a few DC fans the wrong way. It's comedy, though, and if you remember that you'll enjoy it.

So without further ado, check out this awesomely hilarious fan art of some of DC's more serious scenes and characters... with a little bit of a twist.

Lois Lane and Clark Kent have a romantic moment that goes awry

Batman and Superman bro out, and bust out a Disney reference

"Supes" gets played


I don't know ladies, I think The Flash might be a little quick in the sack, to be honest... just sayin'

Bwa-ha-ha indeed!

Oh wow... the Tinkerbell call-out is too good here!

Sorry Robin, Batman will not let the you shame him for claiming "sun's out gun's out "

Batman getting effed up

DAFUQ and 'Timeout' by The Joker here had me absolutely dying

What a talented dude?! I like his witty realistic take on some of these insane storylines. And also some of the just irreverent add-ons like Batman wearing a tank top. Cool to see people can poke fun at things that they love. No Universe is perfect.

Also, the artwork isn't half-bad either. 9/10

Oh also, Batman vs. Superman...

(Via: imgur)


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