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Scott Rogers

So Moviepilot recently hosted a competition to assemble the team I would choose to help me get through an apocalyptic nightmare.... the brief went like this:

The year is 2134, and the post-apocalyptic landscape that had been the backdrop of so many of your favorite films has now become your world. Water is scarce, the deserts are endless and there is a steady stream of deranged outlaws on your tail. To stay alive and maintain any hopes of rebuilding civilization you've got to team up with the absolute best. So, who's in your post-apocalyptic survival team?


Choose three characters from any genre or universe (film, TV or video games) and tell us why they would be the best crew to help you survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

And so my humble admission is as follows:

1: Frank Castle (The Punisher).

With his years and years of elite military training behind him, Frank Castle was already a pretty hefty contender for my team. Add in to the mix that his entire family were brutally killed in front of him and that over the years he has taken on the Kingpin, Ma Gnucci, the Maggia and god knows how many other well -equipped hardcore adversaries (including once even taking on Dr Doom after stealing a family portrait!) and you have a tough, smart killing machine who has not one plan to end up part of anyone's food chain!

Able to assemble an arsenal and set up a secure base of operations, The Punisher would be someone I would want on my side and furthermore would ask him really nicely to make me a special slide-out wrist pistol from the things that hold a drawer in. He can do that ,yo.

2: Michonne (The Walking Dead).

Not only a capable fighter who does exactly what needs to get done to survive, Michonne is so utterly and completely badass that she even turned the very thing that made up the apocalypse into her own form of protection! She hacked up her brother and lover and the Governor's zombified daughter among the flesh she has rendered along her route. If we leave out the pansy part when she becomes a "cop" in Alexandria, I want this super-hardcore lady watching my six if you please!

3: Boba Fett. (Star Wars Saga).

Wait a minute??? I hear you say... isn't this the guy who shows up for a while on Bespin and does not a lot, then shows up and hangs about in Jabba's palace before getting knocked off a pleasure skiff without even getting a shot off??

Well yeah.... but.... I think it is kind of taken as read that Boba's nefarious and lucrative activities mainly occured off-screen. You don't have folks like Jabba the Hutt, Dengar, Vader and Han Solo taking you seriously if you haven't earned a bit of a rep and so let's look at his plusses....

ROCKET PACK? Nuff said. Wrist mounted flamethrower? Yes please. Wrist rocket launcher? Aye aye cap'n. The ability to survive for countless years on a red hot hostile desert world while being slowly digested by a gigantic acid stomach with teeth and tentacles? You're in!

So there is my team. Specially hand-picked to survive pretty much any type of apocalypse that requires combat, survival techniques, foraging & scavenging and not much in the way of jokes, laughing or general happy times..


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