ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

One thing that usually kills superhero tales is introducing too many villains at one time. Hopefully, that is not happening with Netflix's DAREDEVIL.

Just a few weeks ago, the show's producers announced THE WALKING DEAD alum Jon Bernthal would appear in DAREDEVIL'S second season as The Punisher. The Punisher is an anti-hero, who switches sides of the law in order to accomplish his tasks. In the comics, this sometimes enables The Punisher to team with Daredevil, but also pits him against the "man with no fear".

Now the show is announcing it will also introduce Elektra, in the guise of Elodie Yung. Elektra, like The Punisher, is sometimes with Daredevil, as a lover, but, often against him, as she is a hired assassin. The character Elektra was created by graphic novel guru Frank Miller, and played by Jennifer Garner in the DAREDEVIL movie and her own sequel.

If the show becomes too crowded, DAREDEVIL may loose some of the intense characterizations that made it a monster hit. Pressure is now on the writers.


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