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When it comes to explaining the rampant over-excitement that's currently surrounding Marvel's upcoming Captain America: Civil War, there're a whole lot of potential reasons. For one thing, it's the sequel to the fantastic Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For another, it's set to feature Iron Man and Cap punching each other. If you still needed more reasons, you might even consider the fact that it's being made by Marvel Studios, and then, in true Marvel fashion, mutter "'Nuff said." There are, in short, a whole lot of reasons to be over-excited.

Mostly though, it's because of Spider-Man.


With the recently confirmed new Spidey, Tom Holland, set to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Civil War, y'see - and Spidey being unbelievably popular - anticipation levels for the movie are inevitably high. After all:

Adding Spider-Man to Things Almost Always Makes Them Better

This being a rare exception.
This being a rare exception.

Which, as it turns out, also extends to awesome fan made movie posters for Civil War. We've already seen some awesome examples - but since there're a whole lot of exceptional fan artists out there, it seemed time to take a look at a few more, including:

Enoch16's Epic Lettered Take (with Spider-Man Adjacent)

Which gets bonus points for looking like an actual, factual, Marvel produced poster...

DiamondDesignHD's Very Pre-Age of Ultron Take

Which gets bonus points for recognizing that Cap is still the star of the show (even when Iron Man and Spidey secretly are).

Darkslayer092's Moodier (and Spidey-er) Option

Which gets bonus points for featuring horrifying destruction.

sahinduezguen's Eye-Popping Effort

Which gets bonus points for letting the eyes have it...

And, of course:

CAMW1N's Topical Take on the Conceit

Which gets bonus points for actually including Tom Holland...

What do you reckon, though?

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