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Kody Zedolek

1. Brains and the Brawn:

Dr. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk

In the wasteland you will find yourself fighting a war on all fronts. Whether its your not so friendly neighborhood raiders, or the constant threat of radiation poisoning, Bruce Banner is the monster with a plan. He was the leading authority in radiation science before the accident that turned him into the big green monster. His expertise in the radiation field can not only help protect the group from it, but also work toward a logical solution to reducing radiation levels and kickstarting humanity again, and when the raiders come knocking...

Hulk Smash.
Hulk Smash.

2. Post Apocalyptic Armor and Weapons Expert:

Vault Dweller (Fallout Video Game Series)

For those of you who have played the fallout games, this member of the team is a no brainer. For those who haven't the Vault Dweller from fallout has a massive array of skills that include manipulating scrapped machinery and random odds and ends to build effective weapons and armor sets, from super durable radiation resistant exo-suits to vacuum powered junk cannons (The "Rock-It-Launcher). He also is has the uncanny ability to carry extremely large amounts of gear, which will also make him the pack mule of the group.

Here have a teddy bea..... oh. Gross...
Here have a teddy bea..... oh. Gross...


Optimus Prime

Besides the fact that Optimus is a giant ass-kicking alien robot. He can transform into any vehicle or piece of technology that he scans. Traditionally, Optimus transforms into a huge red and blue 18 wheeler. While Optimus is certainly a force to be reckoned with on the battle field, he can also work as a mobile base of operations and shelter for the rest of the team.


No team is without it's differences or complications... when issues arise, I made sure to chose a team that can handle conflict and resolve it. Dr. Banner is a reasonable person, however, the Hulk is a different story. This is why I chose Optimus, when Banner loses control of the monster, Optimus will be a vital asset in controlling the situation. Furthermore, the reason I chose the vault dweller is because during the game, you get to decide whether he is a villain, hero, or somewhere in between. The Vault Dweller will be the member who is willing to make the hard decisions that the heroes, Banner and Optimus might not be able to make. In addition, Dr. Banner's knowledge of science, paired with the Vault Dweller's technical skills, the team will be able to keep up with repairing and modifying Optimus.


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