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Downton Abbey is coming to an end for sure, but that doesn't mean that Season 6 can't surprise us. Where do you think the Crawley family, and all the denizens of Downton will end up? It's anyone's game, so let's have a think about it, shall we?

Is it silly to speculate upon the ending of a show that is already ostensibly set in stone? Yes. Is it silly to watch Downton Abbey in the first place? Yes, and I say that in the most loving way possible. The fact Downton Abbey presents a refined, tastefully romanticized view of pre-war British aristocracy, yet is viewed by its fans like an epic fantasy soap is one of the best things about it. With show runner Julian Fellows aiming for a crowd pleasing ending, it's worth questioning what kind of ending that might be, and while we're at it, how crazy it could get!

I've already spoken about the happy endings the characters of Downton deserve in this article! But let's stop and question just how odd the ending to Downton Abbey could be.

Everyone Dies

Just like this poor guy!
Just like this poor guy!

Yeah this might be a slightly rash suggestion, and its more than a little unlikely considering Julian Fellowes' good intentions, but come on! This is Downton Abbey we're talking about here! The show has always had a perchance for doing away with fan favorites, perhaps more callously than shows like Game of Thrones! Would it really surprise anyone if characters started dropping like flies? Imagine if, by some cruel twist of fate, we saw a characters like Lord Grantham die before the series ended. Even sadder would be having the see Maggie Smith's Violet Crawley pass away in the series finale!

A Huge flashback

There was something about this guy!
There was something about this guy!

For a show that's constantly ploughing through recognizable history, it might appear strange for Downton Abbey to suddenly look back on itself, but that's why doing so would provide an interesting perspective for the final few episodes. We could see a young Violet Crawley first meeting Igor Kuragin in the latter half of the Victorian era. Better yet, we could travel back even further. There's already so much history behind Downton Abbey, that it could be interesting to leap back in time and see its very beginnings. Highclere Castle, the building upon which Downton Abbey is based, dates back to the 1600s! A one-off episode that examined its very building would change the entire genre of the show for a moment. And of course, reuse the same actors for added goofiness!

A huge flash forward

What could it look like?
What could it look like?

This is an idea I've been toying with for some time, and I was a little disappointed when Fellowes confirmed that the series would be ending firmly in the 1920s. As a neat cap-off to Season 6, would it not be cool to see a sudden jump in time? Imagine seeing older versions of the characters we're used to in a post war setting, or even jumping so far ahead as to depict how Downton Abbey exists in the modern day! It would be a great way to make all the events to occur over six seasons appear small and lost to history.


Literally, why not? What reason is there for Downton Abbey not to go completely crazy in its finale? We've already had a scene of Tom Branson, Mary and Edith performing a seance of sorts for Sybil. We may as well have some ridiculous run in with the supernatural to cap off the entire show! Think about it this way. If the last moments of Downton Abbey Season 6 actually involved a resurrected Dan Stevens emerging from a portal of light just to wink at the camera, you wouldn't complain!


Would you like Downton Abbey Season 6 to have a crazy ending?


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