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Dog are certainly man's best friend. Now they can be defenders of the planet and the galaxy. For those unrepentant shoe eaters, sofa clawers, dumpster divers and territory markers, well, someone has to fulfill the evil genius/super villain role.

Saint Paul, Minnesota-based digital artist Josh Lynch has taken his love for dogs and Marvel superheroes and villains and smashed them into the mutt-iest fan mashup ever made.

Lynch has taken 16 canines and turned them into their respective good and bad dog Marvel counterparts. He calls this unique breed of superheroes and villains DOTMU: Dogs of the Marvel Universe.

In this universe boxers, bulldogs and pugs do double duty as heroes and villains. They can be Thanos or Hulk, Doctor Octopus or Spider-Man, Modok or Wolverine.

Daschunds (X-Men), Labs (Cyclops), Golden Retrievers (Thor), Chihuahuas (Iron Man), Greyhounds (Silver Surfer) and King Charles Cavalier Spaniels (Dr. Strange) being inherently good defenders of humanity and of their territory get to be the superheroes.

It is kind of off to have a lovable Great Dane play the evil Galactus and a Doberman to play Ghost Rider. Yet, this reversal and play against types of typical dog personalities still works.

No matter what side their on, these fetchers and messers are dog-gone cute.

You can see more of Josh Lynch's art at his website.

Red Skull German Shepherd and Captain America Pug

The Punisher Pug

Ghost Rider Doberman

Wolverine Bulldog

Dr. Strange King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Silver Surfer Greyhound

The Incredible Hulk Bulldog

Spider-Man Pug

Thor Golden Retriever

Galactus Great Dane

Iron Man Chihuahua

MODOK Bulldog

Dr. Octopus Pug

Thanos Bulldog

Cyclops Labrador Retriever

Fantastic Four Dachshund

Via Design Taxi.

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