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Baldwin Collins

News out recently, that the eagerly awaited Pele biopic still Doesn't have a buyer for world wide Distribution, According to media reports the film is described as a origin story. Chronicling the soccer legend's life from the slums of Sao paulo playing with a make shift soccer Ball made of socks, in the alleys of Bauru to become the Hero of the people.

The film Stars Vincent D'onofrio popularly known from t v shows like 'law & order ' and 'Daredevil' his character in 'pele' is Feola the Brazilian team's world cup coach. Two other actors play pele's teenager life, leonardo lima carvalho plays him at age 10, Kevin de paula is pele from age 13 to 17

The soccer legend himself, pele has a cameo appearance in the film playing himself. Pele is no stranger to motion pictures, he played a prisoner of war in the world war 2 film, titled 'Escape to victory ' (1981) alongside hollywood star sylvester stallone and michael caine with other real life soccer legends.

According to current media reports, the Governing body FIFA , And the on going scandal. has probably contributed to the Delay in finding a suitable Distributor for the films possible release date. What do you think ? would you still be interested in seeing a 'pele' biopic film ?


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