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Elder Scrolls Online will have enjoyed a month of success on the Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow - and what a success it has been! ZeniMax Online's MMO may not be perfect, in fact it has quite a few flaws, but in terms of actual enjoyment and value for money, there is a mountain of content to engage with in the Summerset Isles. At the moment, it probably stands as the best MMO on the Xbox One and PS4.

The question is on the release date of Elite: Dangerous, will ESO be able to hold onto its title? Elite: Dangerous is a fantastic space adventure. Like Elder Scrolls Online, it isn't perfect. But if you're prepared to venture through the vast and lonely expanses of space, you're bound to be rewarded. Can Elite: Dangerous become a more successful MMO when it finally gets its release date for the XBOX One and PS4.

The beautiful Elite: Dangerous
The beautiful Elite: Dangerous

Elder Scrolls Online vs Elite Dangerous on Xbox One & PS4

This quote at the side comes from Games Master in the UK, which praised the resurrection of this franchise. Neither Elder Scrolls Online or Elite: Dangerous have particularly amazing reviews, though Elite is certainly higher in that regard. However, Elder Scrolls Online has so much content that Elite can't compare with. For instance, the enormous PvP battles, the beautiful Bethesda-written lore, an enormous community that's constantly active and an MMO that will get you lost in a ridiculous amount of content. However, if space is your thing, all of these facts will be nothing alongside the ability to explore an open universe of approximately 400 billion star systems, have amazing multiplayer interactions alongside planets and moons that rotate and orbit in real-time, resulting in dynamic day/night cycles.

Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

Will You Pick Up Elite: Dangerous On its Console Release Date?

Personally, having engaged with both of these games on the PC first and then console (you can play a demo of Elite: Dangerous on the Xbox One's preview system) Elite: Dangerous is the better game. I can't wait to sit back on the couch and explore the galaxy like I do with Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online. These are two fantastic MMOs and I seriously hope that Elite: Dangerous gets the credit it deserves when it arrives on Next Gen consoles.

Do you not agree with this observation? Is The Elder Scrolls Online still a better choice if you're looking for a great MMO on Xbox One and PS4? Are there any other options aside from these two that should be mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!


Which of these is the best MMO on Xbox One & PS4?


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