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Let me make this clear right off the bat. I love Point Break! I love surfing, I love heists, and I love it when heroes are torn between two ways of life in their attempt to infiltrate an extreme subculture while being dedicated to law and justice. You might think that's a fairly small category for movies, but it's the exact plot of The Fast and the Furious, whose director is incidentally working on this upcoming remake!

You can check out my reaction to the initial trailer here, but it's safe to say that I'm actually pretty optimistic for this remake. Aside from it looking generally more grey than the original, and Johnny Utah being ten times less adorable (somehow looking older than Keanu is now) I'm looking forward to it! Alas time has moved on. As the internet will remind you so many times, it isn't the 90s anymore. Patrick Swayze is sadly no longer with us, and we've moved into an age where remakes and reboots are met with cynical snarking, so let's question what could go wrong and or right in the Point Break remake!

What could go wrong?

How could you mess this up?
How could you mess this up?

There aren't many concrete things that could screw up the Point Break remake. The stunts look lovingly conducted, and there's a definite dedication to the original. Potential pitfalls exist in the form of broad cinematic tendencies. If this movie confuses compelling character turmoil with a dour and depressing tone, I'm out. It ain't gonna work for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), it ain't gonna work for you either, Point Break!

While Ray Winstone's attempt at an American accent is set to be as hilarious as usual, the performances seem solid so far. I am a little worried about Luke Bracey's turn as Johnny Utah. His performance could appear stilted and awkward when compared to Keanu's... oh wait. It just doesn't have the same magic!

What could go right?

Many people have pointed out how the wet and grey look of the new Point Break is emblematic of the obsession with grittiness modern Hollywood has. I disagree. The entire movie seems to look like the very last scene of the original where Keanu lets Patrick surf his way into oblivion on the Australian beaches. There also seems to be a striving to expand beyond the original premise, as outlined by Édgar Ramírez. I'm also approving of him in the role of Bodhi, mainly due to him being pretty, and then there's Teresa Palmer in the role of Samsara. Though she'll likely only be the vital piece in a love triangle, Palmer is funnily being touted as the biggest star in the movie. It'll be nice if she plays a more significant part than Lori Petty did in 1991.

We live in a post bromance world


This could be the biggest difference between the environments each of these films are respectively released into. When Point Break came out in 1991, the homoerotic undertones between Utah and Bodhi were an amusement at best, and in most cases, weren't even noticed. The remake simply can't play upon that kind of naivety, for many will be going to see Point Break purely to laugh at the intense man love on display. I'm honestly clueless as to how much slash fiction fan art this movie might produce, as I don't know how straight it will play the relationship between the two male leads (that wasn't a pun).

The best I can hope for is that Point Break exhibits the same earnest pathos that the original did, but what are your thoughts on the Point Break remake? Vote in our poll or leave a comment below!


Can the Point Break remake live up to the original?


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