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There is nothing better or worse then getting addicted to a TV show! You get to know the characters, root for them, fall in love with them and then the next thing you know it's over and you are lost! Even when shows have a lovely - cry worthy ending I always hate that it's over and I can't help but think there could of been so much more you could of done with that show! Why would you end it!! So in light of just finishing a old series just like this I decided I was angry at many shows for finishing and who better to share it with then you!

1. Friends!

Now I know it had a good run! And I will always love this show but did it have to end! We could of watched Monica and Chandler's kids grow up! And what about Ross and Rachel!? We should of been able to see at least ONE of Ross' marriages last! Did Joey ever settle down? And how are Phoebe and Mike doing after all this time! I even wonder about Gunther and if he ever kept Rachel's evil hairless cat! These are all questions true fans would love to have had answered!

2. Charmed!

I was a total charmed fan! Even when they killed Prue and I cried for days! (Not really but at least the whole funeral scene) I Powered through meeting Paige and I loved her just as much! And Phoebe's husband! We only got to see him for a season I think that was unfair! This series could of kept going into the next generation and it could of rocked it! There is never to much evil to kill!

3. Lost Girl!

This is the final season of lost girl and I'm devastated! (Even tho I'm still watching it) I can't believe they are saying goodby already! I can understand it in a way I mean it's been action packed the whole way but I still think there is so much potential there so much more that could happen! And I just want to keep looking at Dyson! :p

4. Las Vegas!

Who does that to a person!!

I was so into Las Vegas that when it ended on a cliffhanger I was DYING for the next season! But Nooooo! They decided to cancel it without even so much as one episode with explanations on how things would of worked out! I mean what about Delinda and Danny's baby! And how was A.J not really dead!? Maybe the ratings weren't that great by the end but I still think it would of been nice to tell us what would of happened!

5. Roswell!

This ending was another nice and neat one, everyone ran away and lived happily ever after (Awwww) but I still think it could of been more then 3 seasons until that happened having just 3 little DVDs there for an entire series just makes me sad! Should of sent in more hot sauce!!

So many more come to mind but these are defiantly my top 5! What else should be on the list...?


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