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This is Katniss like we have never seen her before! Jennifer Lawrence sits upon President Snow's stark white throne in her new blood-red Mockingjay suit like she owns the place! The Katniss sass is real!

The rebels were busy this morning sending secret messages through the Mockingjay Part 2 Snapchat (un: MockingjayPT2). Revealing a new The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 poster of Katniss sitting defiantly upon the dastardly Capitol leader's throne. This new poster sends an incredibly clear message to President Snow and the Capitol, straight from the rebellion. District 13, all of Panem, and our Girl on Fire are not playing anymore games. The districts are finally ready to overthrow their oppressors!

Check out the poster below!

Check out that menacing blood-red Mockingjay suit! Where can we get one?!

Along with the release of the new Mockingjay poster, Lionsgate premiered a video titled 'Stand with the Mockingjay' from District 13 via their Snapchat story! The video shows Katniss standing upon a stone statue of her famous three-finger salute, ending with telling us to stay tuned for a message from the rebellion!

You can even join in all of the action by posting on your own Snapchat and using the Mockingjay Part 2 filter. The geotagged filter tells you which district you're in based on your location. Whose side is your 'hood on?

Eeek! We are ready! Oh, goodness, we are so ready!

We stand with the Mockingjay! Do you?!

Wow! What do you think they have in store for us? Also, any thoughts on Katniss' newly re-styled Mockingjay suit?!


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