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So it's the apocalypse. Whether it's the slow agonizing withering away end-of-days, or a rapid “we've only got a week left to save the world or boom!” Ragnarok, you're going to need some friends to help you survive. Regardless of how long. Because, seriously, no one can survive on their own. And who'd want to anyway?

Depending on which apocalypse you are going through affects who you'd like to keep around. Ideally you'd keep everyone together at all times, but if you could only hold onto a handful, who'd you choose? The decision is mind-rattling and frankly most of us would break down into a fetal position and cry till someone else made a decision, because who wants to be “that guy” who picked-and-choosed between all their friends?

Whether it is a zombie filled city, a barren desert full of mutants, or a broken country in a civil war between the last survivors of humanity versus killer robots—or aliens—or robot aliens, the list goes on—there are key people that can get you through (most of) it all.

Here are the three people I'd like to keep with me through any doomsday scenario:

1)Storm (Ororo Monroe) (Marvel)

Storm is my automatic number one pick, simply because I feel she's an asset regardless of whatever future you find yourself in. She's worn many hats over the years, all of which she has successfully handled with dignity, compassion, and resourcefulness. She is a more than capably leader of any group of survivors, and has (more than) earned the respect of her friends, teammates, and enemies. She is a skilled warrior, both in hand-to-hand combat and in various forms of weaponry, which would come in handy against any adversaries. Not only this, she is a teacher, one who cares for and plans for the well being of future generations. She would have the support of not only the adults under her command, but also of the children who aspire to be like her, to make her proud.

All of this is why I'd have her on my team, before even talking about her mutant abilities. As master over the elements, Storm can not only defend her teammates but help provide for her people. Controlling the weather to help ensure homemade crops become plentiful will keep her team healthy and prosperous during hard times. Also, even if stuck in a decrepit city, farming your own food will give you a better chance and a healthy diet.

As she has shown various times, Storm has the ability to affect the weather across the entire planet. She has the ability to affect the entire world, and can therefore heal it. After whatever conflict is subdued, Storm can begin the process of healing the earth, making it lush and green again so that the planet can start a new life, healthy and vibrant.

She is the leader, and earthly savior, I'd stand behind.

2) The Vision (Marvel)

The Vision is, I feel, Marvels best version of Superman. Let me explain: he has super strength and speed, has an optic beam, can repair himself, and has a super memory. I know not everything is equivalent, but he is one of the few characters who successfully manages to juggle multiple abilities without letting them get in the way. His physical abilities, such as super strength and speed, density control, and self repair, allow him to be the prime pick as soldier. He can fend off most any attacker, protect his team, and his ability to become invisible is perfect for reconnaissance missions.

Why I'd chose him over Superman is because he is an android. Vision is able to view scenarios from a very logical point of view, able to weight all options, which could help end unneeded inter team conflict. Also being part robot would allow him to (if the case were) infiltrate opposing robot hordes, either shut them down or at least get intel on them. But more than that, his super computer brain allows him to connect to the internet and computer systems anywhere, whether alien or human, which can benefit all. He also has a massive memory storage unit, which he can access faster than a blink of an eye. He can go into any data base and research EVERYTHING about farming or construction, or more importantly health and recovery. He can register everything there is about to become a doctor—in any field. This along with his natural ability to repair himself, I believe he'd be able to use his knowledge to become one of the perfect medics around.

What if he isn't in a place to get access to internet or civilization, like, say he was stuck in a desert wasteland? Well he'd still be a valuable asset as the perfect bodyguard. Not just for his physical abilities, but because he doesn't need anything to survive. He doesn't need to eat or sleep. Atop his forehead is a solar gem, which absorbs solar energy to fuel him. He can go on forever so long as the sun keeps going.

If you're going by the movie version, I know it isn't a solar gem, but what he has instead (I won't give spoilers for the few who have yet to watch the film) would still come in handy.

3) Anyanwu (Octavia Butler's Wild Seed)

Most are probably not familiar with Anyanwu. She is a character in Octavia Butler's novel Wild Seed. If you don't know Octavia Butler, you should! She is an incredible science fiction author who doesn't get nearly enough credit. Her work is phenomenal, can't iterate that enough.

Anyway, Anyanwu is an immortal shape-shifter. She has complete control over her body. And I mean, COMPLETE control. She is Mystique, only far superior. She can morph herself into any creature, regardless of how big or small. She can change her form to appear as old or as young as she prefers, and can be of any sex, race, or creed imaginable. Not only great for defense or espionage, she can use this to be a superb hunter which can greatly benefit her team.

Why I'd pick her over Mystique, or any other shape-shifter in any world?

Because Anyanwu uses her abilities to heal. She has complete mastery over every cell in her body, and consciously knows where each lies and how each works. She tests herself by getting sick, and then watches how her body reacts, and then manipulates her cells to overcome the infection. She is immortal because she has controlled her body into becoming immune to virtually everything there is. She uses her gifts to not only become immortal, but also to heal others. By knowing how the human body reacts and what to do to combat pathogens, she is a master medic.

If Vision is unable to become a medic, Anyanwu will be there. She does not need to research data—although it must be noted that she is a superb intellect who never stops reading or learning about her world—Anyanwu can simple alter herself to understand what is going on, and therefore can aid others.

Anyanwu is also fiercely dedicated to justice. Although the book is more complicated, Anyanwu is against oppression and colonization, and protects her family as best she can. She would be a wonderful resistance leader and comrade.

These are three members I'd keep with me in any survivor group, regardless of the scenario. I can't think of any others who'd be better replacements.


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