ByJoshua Stephen Thomas Sr., writer at
I have been reading Marvel Comics as long as I could read and I have been waiting for the MCU all my life.
Joshua Stephen Thomas Sr.

It seems my first post to was lost during site reconstruction. I am a little sad about this, because I am very proud of the opinion piece I wrote and I was looking forward to a follow up as "Age of Ultron" has been released and there is no need to speculate on how the story will unfold, as it has already unfolded. I admit I am still a little new to this community. So my post today is really more of a question and a fact finding mission.

1. Do you think it would be advisable to re-post my original article and then the follow up or just start fresh?

2. Do you think the MCU will need a "Secret Wars" style refresh at some point to remain relevant and reintroduce old characters with new actors, as so many of our beloved heroes have stated their desire to move on with their careers in the near future?

I have a few ideas for new opinion pieces and I am ready to start writing again. However, honest opinions would, hopefully, point me in the right direction and lead me on a path of success within this community. Be gentle. It's my first time.


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