ByJosh Smith, writer at

My first pick if I were to create zombie apacalups team would be David Rice from the movie Jumper. To have someone in the team that could potential teleport us to safety at any time is a intangible asset to have on this "Dream Team." Also, David Rice has no family to go back to so we wouldn't have to worry about a future family emotional break down, which is a very big positive when it comes to surviving a zombie apacalups.

My second pick would be Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) from the movie Zombieland. This man has a passion for killing zombies, simply having someone on my team with the passion he does will instill passion in the rest of the team. He is a professional zombie killer; I would never have to worry if he would have my back cause he kills whatever is in front of him. To simplify my pick he is a savage, and to stay alive I will need savages along my side ready and hungry to kill zombies.

My last pick is a little unconventional but I would pick Master Splinter from the ninja turtles. He would be the wisdom of our team. He would make sure that the team would never make dumb and hast decisions. Also, his karate and different skills with weapons show that he can fend for himself. He has been through things unexplainable to humans, much like zombies, he would not be rattled by the new world.

I picked these three specific characters not because they are the strongest but because we would work best as a team. I would be the leader, or atleast I think I would... David Rice, Tallahassee, and Master Splinter have attributes that will work well together so we will succeed. My team wouldn't only survive but we would thrive in this world of zombies, eventually finding an island to repopulate the earth with the beautiful laides we find on our journey.


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