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There's a contest running for the perfect three characters from any genre or universe (film, TV or video games) to survive the apocalypse with.

Given the amount of charakters and apocalyptic scenarios, this naturally is rather difficult. For the sake of the contest, I'll just take the best-known apocalypse: The Fallout.

You can imagine the scene: Huge, sunny wastes, ruined cities housing mutants, bandits on choppers pillaging around and Miss liberty in the sand.

Ultimate anarchy indicator
Ultimate anarchy indicator

So, we've got deserts, anarchy and radiation. That means we need a team capable of surviving in any environment and fighting their way through it. So, here are my three favorites:


With a load of weapons of course
With a load of weapons of course

Why Deadpool? Because he is absolute badass in any encounter that involves killing, maiming or explosions. He is a master of most fighting styles and weapons, and he has absolutely no restrictions about killing people who get in his way. He also is unkillable and will be able to endure all attacks, thirst, heat, hunger and radiation without any problem.
OK, he might be totally nuts, but hey, most people in post-apocalyptic scenarios are. As Heath Ledger's Joker put it:

"Madness, you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push"

And what helluva push is the nuclear apocalypse?

So Deadpool is all I really need for surviving any fights. And he's extremely fun to hang out with - especially if he bothers someone else on the team. This is the main reason I include anyone else.

2.) Oberyn Martell (from Game of Thrones)

Loads of asses to kick and ...... women to love.
Loads of asses to kick and ...... women to love.

Oberyn Martell, the Viper of Dorne, is a ferocius fighter. He's renowned all through westeros for his fighting skills and his sharp mind. He likes to poison weapons, fights dirty and is quite ambitious. Also he's bisexual and very charming, so he might convince a lot of people to aid our group in surviving.

Oberyn is nearly as fun to hang out with as Tyrion is; he is funny, gritty and brutally honest. The only minor problem is, that he's quite obsessed with personal revenge, so I'll just have to pray that deadpool doesn't piss him off too much.

3.)Emma Frost (Marvel)

She's not gonna get warm in the desert...
She's not gonna get warm in the desert...

For the women's quota (or because I'm a hetero man and want female company), the last charakter is a badass woman. This was the toughest of choices, because I didn't just want a hot girl to pass the time with, but a real addition to the team. because of this, here are first some honorable mentions:

Danerys Targaryen (GoT): Is hot, cunning and has a good heart - but is useless without her dragons.
Jinx (LoL): Is insane in an evil way, a bit like the Joker. Might kill me by accident or just because reasons... to dangerous.
Jean Gray/Phoenix (Marvel): Really badass and powerful, but too unstable. In contrary to deadpool she actually killed the ones she loved, just because her personality changed.
Power Girl (DC): Boob window does NOT count as qualification.
Harley Quinn (DC): Is my second choice, I just deemed Emma more helpful.

So, now to the question, why I picked Emma Frost:
She is a telepath, making her adept at manipulating people - for which she doesn't even need her powers. She also led the X-Men at one time, so she's not only able to hold herself in a leading role, but can also plan and scheme. Her abilities include mind manipulation, telecinetic bolts and illusion casting AND she can shapeshift into a diamond-skinned version of herself, giving her enhanced strengh, durability, etc.

Also, she's pretty damn hot
Also, she's pretty damn hot

Emma Frost is a really cool Charakter. It might really be fun to hear her discuss with Oberyn or see her being annoyed by Deadpool.

At the end of this List I want to thank the MP Community for this contest, because it motivated me to do my first Moviepilot-Post. Here's the link to the contest, if anyone got here before seeing it ;)


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